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    Buying from classifieds

    Venmo is no less secure than a check or money order, just faster. It’s a wire transfer, just like using the routing number on a check. If you trust the person enough to send a money order, you can save time by using Venmo. Some guys don’t have Venmo or Cashapp or whatever, and I’ve had them...
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    Does and don't when buying from the classifieds

    A phone call is usually enough. I like a pic of the item that isn’t on the forum too. When I sell I fully expect to get a phone call at some point. I’m almost always asked for an extra picture as well. I’ve sent less expensive things to a buyer in good standing with the expectation I’ll be...
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    How did you find us here at

    Was looking for a pair of binoculars and was told to check the sales ads here, from a forum I’ve been a member of forever.
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    My nicest WY Antelope yet.

    Nice buck. Thanks for sharing.
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    Successful weekend in SD

    That’s an amazing buck. Looks like a good hunt.
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    What I have…….and what I need?

    You’re more prepared than most. Remember to stay hydrated. Keep us posted.
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    What I have…….and what I need?

    Full vest and a hat in CO. No camo patterned orange allowed. For some reason they allow hunter pink as well as orange.
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    What I have…….and what I need?

    Not wrecking yourself by pushing too hard is about the best advice I’ve seen so far.
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    What I have…….and what I need?

    I need to do more training honestly. This desk job is slowly killing me, I’m sure. I live in CO Springs, so the altitude difference isn’t that big of a deal. But the answer is hiking. Lots of hiking. I’m also comfortable lifting and manhandling a reasonable amount of mass, which is probably...
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    What I have…….and what I need?

    You must have missed the orange in the list. Or maybe I confused the issue. I wear the vest and hat. I’ve considered the powder. Never tried it though. I shot my pronghorn last weekend using a pack. A pack makes a great rifle rest.
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    What I have…….and what I need?

    Sounds like the guide cleans the animal? Gut bag is a lot of weight if you don’t have to carry it in. I hunt elk at 10k feet in CO about every year. I take: a rifle and half a box of ammo. Sunglasses. Chapstick. Binoculars, rangefinder, and small camelback day bag with water, food, lighter...
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    Rifle carry

    I mostly use a leather rifle sling, carrying muzzle up with a piece of tape. I carry it in my right hand if I can though. If I’m in for a rough hike I’ll take my Eberlestock gunrunner pack and stow it in there. Some of these slings people mentioned look like better options than the sling I’m...
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    180 bucks

    Is…is he OK? He looks a little depressed. That’s still a darned nice buck.
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    450 Bushmaster or 300 WBY for Black Bear?

    The .450 Bushmaster is an accurate hard hitter, but it's range is limited. That fat pistol bullet has a poor coefficient. At your specified range though, the .450 would get the job done. I've never hunted with mine, but it rings steel like a boss. Holy crap! Note to self, do not shoot a...
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    Women’s rifle and cartridge suggestion

    I took an elk with a rifle that had a brake on it once. I’ll never do that again. It happened fast, and there was no time to put on hearing protection. It hurt bad enough I hunt suppressed now. Basically, I can’t say I’d recommend a brake on a hunting rifle. I know a few women who hunt...