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    Gonna build a 243AI here's the specs...Missing Anything?

    Re: Gonna build a 243AI here\'s the specs...Missing Anything? 1-10 twist is to slow for long range in this cartridge. I think I had to go to a 1-7 to shoot the 105 matchkings with extreme accuracy. I have done several of these.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Please delete...

    I checked out in the shop and I have a 338 lapua TRG that I bought a couple of years ago to put a 358-378 wby barrel on it but never got around to it. I installed a muzzle break on it and bedded it building a recoil lug in the process since these goofy things don't have one. I fixed it up to...
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    338 Cal, What Chamber to use?

    I have built many of the big 338's. Yes you can easily open the 300 wby bolt face in a mk v. You also must get the 378 magazine box, etc. I have built several 338-378's and various improved Lapua's off the action. Like someone else said, the best without modifying the action would be using the...
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    What is the fastest cartridge?

    My 240 Gibbs gets 4300 with the 55 ballistic tips. So do my blown out 220 swifts with lighter bullets. The wby rocket shoots the best of my blown out 220's. Matter of fact several of my blown out wildcats will get around 4300 but never tried to push anything faster. I am inundated with crows on...
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    Crossing Canadian Border

    Thank you all very much. I have everything I need now. I guess Alabama is spelled Alerbamer down here which is the way I here it pronounced a lot. It is right next to Jawjah where Atlanter is the capital and the university mascot is a Dawg. I am ready to move back to Colorado or take southern...
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    Crossing Canadian Border

    I'm a goin a fishin up noth wif my boy an wundered if'n any uf u could gimme details bout crossin da border at Niager Falls. I know this ain't got nuthin to do with a shootin arn pokin one a long ways off but figered with all the good friends on here sum uf yun's could help. If you ain't never...
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    Range estimation with a duplex?

    The longest that system has worked for me was the 2000 Alaska hunt when it nailed a 1000 yard moose and a 800 yard caribou. Also got a 500 yard chip shot caribou the same way on that trip. All one shot kills. Most of my shots are probably in the 400-600 yard range and it is deadly within those...
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    Range estimation with a duplex?

    I have done this for years. Animals that live in areas with little background cover for a good laser lock like antelope and caribou render laser rangefinders useless. I set the average of my mid range trajectory the same as the back to brisket measurement of my quarry. For instance caribou...

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