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    Real Bear Encounters Handgun Vs Bear Spray, Handgun wins!

    Dirtrrax I wish I had the experience you have as it would be valuable in many different areas of life. I have told my experience with a grizz encounter a couple of times so I won't bore anybody but if someone had told me a 500 pound bear can cover 40 yards as quick as that grizz did I would find...
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    Real Bear Encounters Handgun Vs Bear Spray, Handgun wins!

    If anyone thinks a roller coaster ride is scary just get within a couple of feet from a grizz. I wet my pants but he just wanted my elk I guess. I carry a 629 44 mag with 310 hard cast bullets now.If spray makes you feel good then carry it on one hip and on the other carry your favorite beast...
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    Real Bear Encounters Handgun Vs Bear Spray, Handgun wins!

    phorwath said what I was thinking,"if the spray deploys". My brother in law used to be very active outdoors and always carried bear spray and a 454. While high in the mountains in his favorite spot he encountered a bear and it looked mad!He started walking at first toward my brother in law...
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    270win loads

    At one time I owned 4 270's and found what aushunter1 said to be extremely true. My Remington was the most accurate with the Winchester 70 next,then the Weatherby Vanguard (Howa) and the Savage was the least accurate.Every rifle had a different load and a different powder for one rifle so I kept...
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    So Will the .270 Win Overtake the CM's and PRC's?

    I looked it up as I wondered when the old almost forgotten 270 win came out. (The .270 Winchester is a rifle cartridge developed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1923 and unveiled in 1925 as a chambering for their bolt-action Model 54. ) As some of us older folks get older I wonder if we...
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    Shooters World smokeless powder

    I use the S W Tactical Rifle Powder for my 308. Here is a link to their manual and it describes which powder to use for different uses. Hope this helps. Old Rooster
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    Shooter’s World powder

    I know this is a few months old but I hope this info helps. I bought the Shooters World Tactical Rifle as that is what the Hornady manual says to use to get more velocity from 165 gr for 308 win. To get the best groups in my 308 I worked up from 42.3 grs to 43.3 gr and got 2667 average and good...
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    6.5 prc vs 264 wm

    264 win mag has got it done since 1958. When they came out in 1958 people said they will never catch on. I wish I still had mine. Old Rooster
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    HELP ! Cold bore vs Warm in Hunting Rifle

    I've done it a time or two also cohunt. Sometimes I read older posts about everything and and anything and something clicks for me and I write it down. I pray all is well with this virus going around. Stay healthy friends! Old Rooster
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    Gel test Hammer vs Accubond

    bigngreen I switched from Partitions to Accubonds years ago when bullets were extremely hard to find. I have never recovered a bullet from an Accubond and always have a great wound channel. The farthest an elk ran after a lung shot was 20 yards but most fall within 2 to 3 yards and a few fell on...
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    Gel test Hammer vs Accubond

    Soon I will make an order for some Hammers and test them this year.I said I would do it last year but other things got in the way but this year I WILL TEST HAMMER BULLETS! 30 Cal either for 30-06,308,300 Win Mag or possibly 300 Weatherby Mag Hold me to it guys. Old Rooster
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    The New Hornady A-tip match bullet

    When you load and shoot some give us an idea on performance at mid to long range if possible. Thanks Old Rooster
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    Help me choose a bullet for elk hunting

    Interbond.I have killed out to 500 yards on huge muleys and they always perform well. I killed a 6x5 elk in 1977 with a Hornady Interlock 180 gr.He ran about 20 feet and fell.The bullet came apart with the copper shell expanded like a champ and the lead kept going to off shoulder,I still have...
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    Big deer hunt - help me pick the cartridge

    To me it sounds like an occasion to buy a NEW RIFLE! Pick a cartridge you don't have and go hunt. I'm always looking for an excuse to buy another. Just my 2 cents Old Rooster
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    Borescope of cleaning the carbon ring out of a 300 ultra

    new2mud I have tried KG products and have used it over everything I used to use. I start with KG 1 Carbon remover,soak the barrel and stroke Nylon brush with 10-20 strokes and most of the time I'm done with carbon. KG 12 Copper Solvent works about the same,very well,soak and brush. Like most all...

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