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    Tripod for Binoculars

    While Backpacking in the mountains: Any suggestions for a decent tripod that will be used for mounting my 10X binoculars.
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    Mountain Blacktail in CA: Binocular Question

    I have been hunting for numerous years in CA and AZ for deer and elk. I have a question pertaining to what size type of binoculars you would use for more open areas (without a large amount of thick scrubs like manzanita) for spot and stalk. There is generally lots of grade to haul up gear...
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    Excessive Headspace.....for reference.

    I wonder how the Henry's are in comparison. Hopefully they aren't produced as poorly as the MArlins.
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    Tract Optics....

    I agree that the way OL picks the optics and how they rate the optics is very questionable.
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    My First Backpacking Hunt

    My backpack hunts have been a mixture of: getting away from it all, putting my feet back on the earth seeing as much nature as I can a little bit of a lot of adventure and hopefully getting some venison or bird. I really enjoy hearing the wind in the trees and coyote choruses late at night.
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    Tract Optics....

    It is a good thread. I wonder how good the scopes are, as Tract states they use HT glass on their top line scopes.
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    Hello: Newby Here

    Thanks for the positive support. Will put my glasses on, and read!
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    Short Barrel Mountain Rifle

    How about the old Remington Model 7 in 308?
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    Hello: Newby Here

    Greetings: New here, and hope to learn lots. I do not always get much time on the computer, as I have an active family life. I like to hunt and am working at learning long range shooting too.

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