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    Finding the perfect bolt action 22 cal.

    I have a LH CZ-452 that will shoot 1 3/8" groups @ 150yds. Wolf MT ammo shoots the best in my rifle. Also have a CZ scout that will shoot under 1" @100. Can't beat a CZ for the price. Coach
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    light recoiling cartige for the old man!

    I am 62 and got tried of heavy recoil so I have 2 rifles that are light recoiling and fun to shoot. #1- Rem Mdl 7 in 6.5x47 Lapua 22" bbl with a 6X Swaro scope. Built by Jon Beanland #2- Rem 700 in 243AI 25" bbl with a Leup 2.5x 10 MK4 scope. Kampfeld Custom. The Mdl 7 is 8# and easy to...
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    130 Nosler AB in the 6.5x47

    I need load data for the Nosler AB 130 in the 6.5x47 lapua. I will use it for deer up to 400yds. Coach
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    Leupold scope for 204 Ruger

    I have a CZ in 204 Ruger I use for varnmit hunting. It has a Leupold Vari-XIII 6.5x20 scope on it now. I need to know if sending this scope back to Leup. for a 204 calibrated recticle and the turrents is worth the cost? Or am I better off just getting a newer scope with turrents and the varnmit...
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    6.5x47 Lapua L/R hunting bullet

    What bullets in 6.5 would be good for L/R hunting in a 6.5x47Lapua. The rifle shoots targets great to 800+ with 130-140s. I will use the rifle for deer across long fields. Coach
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    223AI bbl length??

    I want to get a bbl in 223AI for my Encore. What lenght is best? What twist? I have talked to Shelsie at MGM and they have a 8wk lead time. MGM will mill the base to 20MOA. Full Bull or tapered? Coach
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    Rifle for my Grand Daughter

    I use a 243 for the 2nd centerfire rifle when teaching kids to shoot. A Rem Mld 7 is the perfect rifle if you want a bolt action. The NEF with a heavy bbl is a less expensive rifle. Both good for kids, very little felt recoil. Try some 87grn V-Max or the Sierra 85BTHP for deer. Coach
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    Has anyone on this forum bought any optics from camera land?

    I bought a Leica rangefinder from Doug. Great price and service. Check out his demos, GREAT DEALS. Couch
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    Kreiger or Bartlein

    I want to rebbl my 7STW Rem 700 SS I have finally decided to go back with the same cal. in a 28" bbl. I have narrowed the choices to Kreiger and Bartlein in 5R. What twist for 140s? Which bbl is better? Would you let the bbl maker install the bbl? Flutted or not? What finish for a hunting rifle...
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    7STW re-bbl

    Now that is what I needed to know. Do I need just the bolt frame or a complete bolt? This rifle has no j-lock. I bought the rifle new when the 7STW first came out, it was extremely loud, so I sent it to Hill Country Rifles and had the brake removed. While there they added a Mcmillan stock and...
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    7STW re-bbl

    I have a 7STW with a 23" bbl. Factory Rem bbl with the brake removed and recrowned. I want to rebbl to a different cal. without a belted case if posible. I know it has the Mag bolt face: so what are my options? I have 7WSM, 7RM, and 280AI so I don't want a 7mm. Will a 300 WSM work in a long...
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    260 bullet for deer.

    I have a Rem Mdl 7 in 260 with a 20" bbl. What bullet do you use for deer? Ranges up to 350yds from elevated stands with a rest. Load info helpful. THANKS Coach
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    Objective way to level crosshair

    The scope has a flat spot on the bottom below the adj. caps. I use a feeler gage to fill the gap between the base and the flat spot. You can get a cheap gage at an auto supply store. I doesn't matter if the rifle or the scope is level using this method. The scope will be perpindicular to the...
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    7WSM with lighter bullets.

    I want to load the 7WSM with 140grn bullets. I use this rifle for deer and hogs at no more than 400yds. most shots are under 200. I have some NBT 140s and some 140ABs. Also have H4350, IMR4350, H4831sc, RL22 and RL25. Anybody use a lighter bullet in the Short Mag.? Coach
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    Will Burris sig. Z rings fit a Badger base?

    Thanks, I thought so but doesn't hurt to ask. I will give them a try. Coach