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    Holster for Remington XP-100 ?

    Old computer crashed , had a website stored there - folks who make XP hip/belt holsters . Draw an outline of the pistol and they make you a holster - around $80ish dollars . Anybody know who that might be or know of a hip/waistline/belt holster - not a Bandolero or shoulder holster . Thanks...
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    257 wby experience

    80 ttsx , from my 24'' barrel Rem. 700 leads me to believe it might have peeled the petals off due to the high velocity at 80-90 yard hit on the shoulder of a hog . Nickel size exit wound - no blood coming from the exit hole - hog took one or two little lunges forward and flopped over and kicked...
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    AM/FM CD player with great reception ?

    Thanks Varmint Hunter , good to see you on here - you're an old timer here on LRH site . My truck will pick up a couple of stations but two portable radios I have won't pick up anything what-so ever . Hoping I can find an am/fm/cd player at least as good as my truck then I'll get an antenna...
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    AM/FM CD player with great reception ?

    I have a spot of land where my old truck radio will barely pick up radio stations . Need a radio that has great reception , companies always say their products have great reception - they lie sometimes a bit . :) Maybe someone who lives way out in the middle of nowhere knows of such a radio ...
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    Thumbhole stocks

    Have the same stock great prone and great off of shooting stick when predator calling . These seem to fit the same way God designed my hand/wrist/arm :) my hand is aligned straight with my arm ? Slower cycling the bolt ? maybe a micro second maybe not .
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    Broughton rifle barrels

    About a dozen [or more] years ago someone started a rumor that they had a Broughton 5C barrel that wouldn't shoot . They claimed Tim North wouldn't stand behind his Broughton barrels soon when threads about the BEST BARRELS popped up Broughton wasn't no longer mentioned . Just one internet BS...
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    My wife and I and our .224 Valkyrie 1,000 yard journey....

    NorsemanAlaska , Howdy . Cool thread - congrats to you and the wife . What kind of close range [100-200 yards] groups did you get out of your 224V's ?
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    Wolves in southern Missouri??

    6-7 month old thread but - it's common knowledge that there are wolves [hordes] in minnesota wisconsin michigan . I'd be willing to bet if there was a way to prove it that there are wolves in at least 40 states . I saw one while hunting over the carcass of a dead feral hog here in bay county ...
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    Manners Stock Purchasing Question

    Glad I saw this I'mordering a manners for my 280ai soon .
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    Thinking about 25-06

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OMGoodness , you called a cartridge a "" cartridge "" ??:D
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    Lessons learned from first mountain hunt

    Marmot Men's Arch Rock Pant - at
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    Lessons learned from first mountain hunt

    HRstretch , I'll throw my two cents in here on stuff that works for long range hiking-mountain hunting . You probably have the boot stuff ironed out by now - merino socks -and a sock liner are the way to go & having a spare pair of socks is never a bad idea . PANTS your choice here is...
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    280 Ack Load Development Help

    My barrel also likes H-4831Sc. Not familiar with Re 26 but 17 works good for me too.
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    .280 Ackley Improved

    Are you talking about the COAL --cartridge overall length-- for loading ammo ?
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    Tonight is the night!!

    Good luck to you and the wife Boyd ! I love predator calling -any kind of calling for that matter. I bet you are a trapper too ?