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    How many elk have you been a part of killing?

    I just got number 13 this year most of my kills have been with the 300 win mag. And most were corloks shot two with a Barnes at 80 yards soup for insides, 190vld shot forward of the shoulder at close range bull was moving through trees drt. This year it was 210vlds. I haveha box of 215's...
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    Incline shooting

    I need to go back through my sig 2200 to see if it does this but we use the vortex binos with range finder and the leica bino range finder combo most of the time to simplify and carry less equipment. Not sure if either has that function?
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    Incline shooting

    So I have been shooting LR for a few years now nothing past 600 yards on elk or deer but my cousin just started two years ago and missed a great bull this year shooting uphill at a pretty steep angle. After going through applied ballistics and inputting angles I decided to look for help here. I...