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    GIVE AWAY CONTEST - "How To Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" Video

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    Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Give Away Contest

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    US Optics $2500 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

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    Anyone have experience with these scopes?

    I have used the WOTAC 10x. I have it mounted on a Savage 17HMR and shot a box test at 50 yards. I had to walk down to the target after the second round to make sure I was hitting the target. All 4 shots were in the same holes as the first four. I went around four times and the largest group...
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    US Optics $1,000 Spotting Scope Give Away Contest

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    Long Range Rifles, LLC --- $1,000 Components Give Away Contest

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    Free Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 Scope - Drawing

    What state(s) do you hunt big game in most often? Oklahoma What is your primary long range hunting cartridge? 300 WSM -------------------------------------- Regarding your primary long range hunting cartridge choice above: Do you use factory ammunition? No If so, which brand and...
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    I own the 16 in 300 WSM and my hunting buddy has the 12 in 300 WSM. I have had mine a couple years and have worked up a decent load for it. Using the load developed for my rifle, I have shot several 3 shot groups in 3" to 4" at 400 and 500 yards with both rifles. We have not done any load...
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    6.5-284 Seating Depth

    They tell me these dummy rounds are going to be used to determine neck diameter and throat. That's why I wanted to know what people are using. The 2.900" ois to fit in a short action magazine which I am not concerned about. 3.050" seems to put the edge of the bullet not including the boattail...
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    6.5-284 Seating Depth

    I am purchasing a Pac-nor barrel for my Savage Model 16. They have asked me to supply a couple of dummy rounds to cut the throat. I plan on using this as a single shot and shoot the 142 gr. SMK. My question is, what overall length are those of you that are using this bullet in a sigle shot or...
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    260 rig for under $1K ?

    My buddy just picked up a 12BVSS in 300 WSM for $600. The synthetic stock was about $50 cheaper. I've seen these rifles about $500 chaeper in each case on the internet. His has the Accutrigger and is a very nice rifle. We had it shooting under 3/4" @ 100 yds. with factory Federal ammo. Keith
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    Got mine last night. Looks like a nce tool. Thanks S1. Keith
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    Mailed the check on Sat.
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    S1, I tried to e-mail you about these reamers. I am very interested in one. My e-mail is [email protected] Thanks, Keith Roberts
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold scopes

    Unfortunately I did'nt get to see much else. I spent a couple hours driving around Ancourage with a co-worker during a lay-over on the way home and a couple hours going to gun stores with my dad on a lay-over on the way up. He spent about a year up there as an engineer doing repair work on the...

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