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    Zeiss victory tripod mount

    Looking for the best (stable) mount for my binos on a tripod. They are 10x42 victory with range finder. Have a manfrotto tripod with pistol grip head. I know zeiss makes two different ones. One is pricey imo. Anyone tried a spotting scope bino combo mt?
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    Which reticle in a premier scope

    I found a premier reticle LT with the gen 2 mil-dot. Is this the better one or the gen 2 XR. I really like the XR better but heard one of these was too fine. Dont know which one. Can the reticle be changed? Help appreciated
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS WTT Premier Reticles 3-15 Heritage Hunter

    Thanks for info. iI just realized the hunter doesnt have dial turrets. Now i know why your selling it. Sorry i have a LT and love it. Looking for one more. Thanks
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    Tripod adapter for zeiss victory bino

    Has anybody tried one of these with zeiss victory 10x45 rf bino. Im looking at two different styles and wondering whats best?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT Premier Reticles LT for NF 2.5x10x42

    Any chance of a straight sale? Im looking for one.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS WTT Premier Reticles 3-15 Heritage Hunter

    Do you know if reticle can be changed? Like the gen 2 better. Might consider if I can get a quote.
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    Which 1" rings?

    I like the way you think. Just a couple dollars over my budget you know! Any experience with burris sig zee ring
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    Which 1" rings?

    Looking for something strong and stylish too. Looked at talleys, like design but not on top of ring. Dont really want tacticals. Using a picatinny base and zeiss conquest hd5. On a 7saum. Rem 700 copy.
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    VX6 or Conquest HD

    Question too tough?
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    VX6 or Conquest HD

    Im looking at both in the 3-15 or 3-18 power range. I want the best glass first for low light. They are very close in price. I also want to be able to dial elev. I chose these two for their light wt and broad power range. Can I get the b&c in leupy with a kenton turret? And can I get...
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    7 saum brass

    Thanks az shooter, i stumbled onto that site late last night and ordered 100 pcs. I hope the shortages are about to end. This has been way crazy!!! Thanks again
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    7 saum brass

    Is there any left in the country? Got the barrel, dies ,bullets gun!!! Been looking for a few months now. You think the govt shut down has anything to do with it??!!
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    Running shooter on IPad

    How do you set it up for known density altitude? Using krestel 4000. Trying to get set up here in Okla. to go to Colo sheep hunt.
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    New to sheep hunting...

    Just drew my non-reident colo sheep tag. Unit 32, georgetown. I had 15 pts and there were a lot of hunter with 20-25 pts at the orentation meeting last weekend in denver. Trying to get ready for hunt, had knee surgery yesterday. Laying in bed reading huntin fool and longrange hunter...
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    Best hearing protection

    What's the best brand & model of hearing muffs or in ear protection for hunting with a brake? Let's not put a price limit, just what really works and holds up. Also quality of sound enhancement. And very important "comfort"!!