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    6mm-06 build

    Can anyone post a drawing of the 6-06 improved 40 degree shoulder?
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    7mm Rem Mag Assorted Brass

    what price?
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    25 06 Load Info Needed

    my tang safty Ruger 25-06 loves 87 ballistic tips with imr 4064 50 grains shoots .250 groups
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    Ruger's Classic Model 77 Rifle Review

    I have a 25-06 tang safty that shoots 3 shots in one round hole. And have 4 of the target models that are also very accurate. 220 swift 243 308 300 mag
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 308 & Simmons 6.5x20

    If it is an axis he is way too high. I just bough a new fxp 308 for $384.00 at walmart and that scope sells for $118.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB rem 700 RH SA .308 bolt face

    brownells has them for $369.00 but are out of stock now
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    7mm Rem Mag. Load Data

    The most accurate load I have found in my savage 110 7 mag is 140 btip and 68 grains of RL22 three shots in 1 round hole
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    Neck Tension on Bullet

    Lee neck sizer die is better idea than bushing die you only need one die for any & all brass.
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    How to find your most accurate load FAST.

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    How to find your most accurate load FAST.

    I always start with bullet touching the lands.
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    V-v powder users are not going to like this

    RL19 & RL22 is the most accurate powder for my 264 & 7mag. plus they quit making aa 3100. I guess it's back to finding a good powder bullet combo.
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    FMJ's on coyotes

    With bullets hard to find now take a file and file off the tip until you see a lttle lead they will open up fine.
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    9mm bullets found

    email address [email protected] V3194229 mm LugerJHP115gr 2000 per case I have searched the web for hours and have not found any 9mm bullets in the usa. One site told me this shortage is going to last until november 2013. why should it not be possible to buy from another country?
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    Aa 3100 powder now gone

    I sure hope so that was my favorite powder