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    ZEISS Introduces The All-New Conquest V4 Family of Riflescopes

    looks like they have gone back to the old Conquest MC with a 30mm tube. The old MC had a huge apparent field of view whereas the HD5 has a noticeable tunnel view. I've looked through their new V6 and it has a narrow tunnel view as well, so wont be buying another HD5 or 6, but might look at a V4
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    Importing Rifle/action from US to NZ

    Might have found a left hand Stiller Predator action, but need to find an export agent in the State to do the paper work Anyone used these guys? -Cascade Armory -Borderview International Firarm logistics Any others I should consider? Cheers Grant
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    Custom Left Hand Rifles - 4 to 6 week completion times on left hand rifles

    Re: Left Hand Rifles - How much interest is there in "Ready To Ship" left hand rifles Yep, long overdue. All you RH guys out there make comments like...there are plenty of LH options around like Savage, Remington, Tikka etc. But when you start looking for a specific rifle and calibre the...
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    Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Contest
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    Irish Setter boots?

    This brand of boot is now showing up here in New Zealand and is quite reasonably priced. How do you guys rate them? are they a "good" quality boot worth looking at for serious hunting? Would you rate them as comparable to the German Mendl, Lowe etc? Cheers Grant
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    Vortex Recon 10x50 R/T Spotting Scope Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    Enter Me In The Vortex/Cameraland Contest
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    Minox Digiscoping Outfit - $2,000 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    Enter Me In The Olympus/Cameraland Contest
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    Burris XTR rings slipping - help?

    Ha, I have some XTR 1" rings on my Tikka T3 with a EGW rail and Weaver grand slam scope and they are slipping as well. and its only a 7mm08, so not high recoil either. I wonder if its something to do with the wider rings spreading the load so not causing enough pressure to hold in place...
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    start load for VV N 540 and 7mm08

    so what exactly is the story with these double base powders? Do they give more velocity for same weight, but at the expence of throat erosion????
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    start load for VV N 540 and 7mm08

    N540 is not listed in the VV manual for the 7mm 08 yet it looks to be a suitable powder. Anyone got a start load for it with 120-140g bullet weights? Thanks Grant
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    Pack Gun Idea

    Your not going to save much weight putting a M/C edge or Banser on the Tikka, their synthetic stock goes about 28oz, the edge and Banser are 24 (with recoil pad) If you want to trim more weight, look at an MPI or Lonewolf stock, they both do stocks under 12oz The Tikka barrels are a...
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    Tikka T3 verses Rem 700 Action

    OK I know the Rem 700 action is favored as the factory action to build a custom rig on, but is it the best option?. Sure there are plenty of after market parts, all stocks are inletted for it etc But its a little different over here in New Zealand as I'm not aware of any gunsmiths who for the...
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    Custom Rifle Build Mentors Required Please

    OK, The re barreling of my 243 to 260 Rem hasn't been a painless experience, but I have learned from it so I've decided to move on and now build up a long range rifle with a custom action and barrel. At this stage I'm thinking 6.5*284, 284 or 7mm SAUM. My aim is for an "accurate" light weight...
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    left hand options for long range rifle?

    Yeah, I just cant get excited about the savage actions!
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    left hand options for long range rifle?

    What work do you need to do on the Tikka's Yeah, the Tikka are an option, but they are very popular, so you cant pick up a cheap one as a doner action. You can pick up a 2nd hand Rem for nz$800-900. You wont get a Tikka for under $1200. Ok with a Rem, you have to have the action trued...