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    long range Pronghorn, Whitetail & Muley cartridge choice

    I own a Vanguard 2 in 25-06 and a Savage 12 LRP in .260 Remington. Both are accurate and effective hunting weapons. The .260 will reach out further and maintain good stopping power but at reasonable hunting distances the 25-06 is a great round. I'd give the accuracy edge to the .260. Recoil from...
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    Help with my Savage 12 Long Range Precision

    Nice shooting. I'm looking to get a Savage 12 LRP in .260 Remington for some distance shooting. After seeing what you've been able to accomplish I think I'll enjoy adding the .260 to my collection.
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    Help with my Savage 12 Long Range Precision

    I'm looking at the Savage 12 LRP in .260 Remington. Great BC, flat shooting and very accurate rifle/round combination from all accounts I've read. The .260 has minimal recoil and outperforms the .243. You might want t think about going with the larger round. Ground hogs may hate you, but I think...
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    Long Range Antelope Round

    If I get to hunt antelope it will be with my 25-06 and the Barnes Vor-Tex 100 grain TTSX BT. I'd like to keep the goat within 300 yards or less and preferably not running it's tail off after the shot. I really would like to eat as much of the critter as possible and the less adrenaline the...
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    Long Range Antelope Round

    Your 25-06AI is a good rifle, but if you're talking 500 yards and beyond why not base your rifle on the .308? Good bullet selection and a proven round at long range matches. It may seem rather vanilla compared to some of the recommended cartridges, but it would work well out of a good...
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    500 Yards of Fun

    That is a nice looking rifle you have there and some nice shooting to boot. That East Coast humidity is a killer. I was stationed and hunted in South Carolina for a little over 7 1/2 years. Great folks and good hunting in a hunter friendly state, but that humidity was brutal. I had never heard...
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    Looking into first antelope hunt

    He's talking Texas hunting and Texas residents, not WY.
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    First Long Range Rifle Scope?

    I really like my Vortex Viper. Either that or one of the Zeiss Conquest series.
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    Sight in distance

    200 yards for me as well.
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    .17 remington for yotes?

    I use 5, or 10 round magazines when hunting with my AR's. I don't go into a trigger happy blast of glory if I miss an animal and attempt to nail it through the sheer number of rounds my AR could deliver. I may even just take my .223 bolt action rifle rather than the AR. I simly do not prefer the...
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    .17 remington for yotes?

    I've always used my AR in 5.56 grain, or another AR in 6.8SPCII. The animals drop on the spot as long as I do my job and hit them. I'm even contemplating using my 25-06 with a light load to see how it does. I just think the 17's are too light for coyotes. JMHO
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    mange on yotes

    The greatest health hazard in handling dead coyotes, or many other furry critters are fleas, ticks and the tularemia bacteria. Scabies are species specific. While the mites may transfer to human skin while handling an infected critter they cannot reproduce and do not require medical treatment to...
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    Weatherby’s Newest Vanguard: The Series 2 And The .257 Weatherby Magnum

    Realizing this is an old post I still felt compelled to add my 2 cents worth. I purchased the Vanguard Series 2 in 25-06. I don't hand load and the price difference between 25-06 and 257 Weatherby Mag is substantial. My rifle's trigger has been great out of the box and the rifle has shot sub...
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    I need your opinions

    I have a .338 WinMag in a BAR and find it accurate and the recoil manageable. The .338 will put anything in the lower 48 down with no problem and at long range if required. It has it's place in a gun safe, but I find myself grabbing my .308, or 25-06 for the majority of my hunting. I've fired a...
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    Vortex Viper

    I have a Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50 mounted on my Weatherby 25-06 and really like it. For the money you can't go wrong. I have no complaints with the scope as of yet and would be inclined to buy another if needed. This is my first Vortex. I usually shoot with Leupold scopes.