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    Cooper Model 52

    I have had my cooper m52 Excalibur 6.5x284 for about 6 months and love it. It consistently shoots 1/4-1/2 minute groups out to 800 yards. Haven't shot it any further yet. Great trigger, easy to clean and point of impact varies very little hot or cold foul shot or not. It's a joy to shoot. Mine...
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    Mini Muscle for my 6.5x284 Cooper

    I was considering having a mini Muscle break installed on my Cooper 6.5x284. Any recommendations for gun smith that would do it on the West coast. Any input would be appreciated. Other options welcomed
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    berger elite hunter vld 6.5 140gr

    miss read the post , I was referring to the Berger 140gr Vld hunting bullet
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    SOLD/EXPIRED G7 Rangefinders

    Pm sent, I'll take one
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    Should I Muzzle Break a 6.5x284

    Hi All, Love this forum and wanted your input. I have a cooper 6.5x284 Excaliber that I love and shoots really well. Ben shooting all the way out to 1000 yards and wanted to know how many people have put a muzzle break on this caliber? I loose the sight picture every time I shoot and was...
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    berger elite hunter vld 6.5 140gr

    I have had very similar results. :D
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    New Cooper 6.5x284

    Hey Greyfox I will look for that extra little bump in velocity . You and I have quite a bit in common. I too hunt Deer, Antelope(NV, Wyoming),Elk and coyotes. Looking for a god pig hunt close to home like California. Going to slip out today and call a few dogs. Thanks for all the great input.
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    New Cooper 6.5x284

    Ya KC I am really liking this caliber. I have been involved in the 30 caliber rifles for a long time. I forgot how enjoyable it can be just to go out and shoot at paper when there is nothing else open. Reloading this stuff makes it great. I a reloading for about 16-18 bucks a box of 20. Thats...
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    New Cooper 6.5x284

    Update: Loaded up some 142 SMK (Out of Berger 140 Hunting VLDs) with Retumbo. Here are the results. 4000', 35 degrees, no wind, 55% Humidity. 100 yards. 142 SMK at 3.10", 215 primer, 3 shot group, Lapua brass 54.5 Gr Retumbo = 2873fps 3 shots touching, ****Best Group*****No pressure...
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    New Cooper 6.5x284

    Hey Greyfox Thanks for the info, I went up to 53gr of 4831sc but was only getting 2760fps out of my rifle. The groups really opened up. I was confused on why the speed wasn't going up in equal increments it .5grain increases. Because the groups where getting worse I stopped. It looks like I...
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    New Cooper 6.5x284

    Yes that is the way it came from Cooper. I want to stay accurate and dont need to get any more speed if Accuracy is going to suffer. Thanks for the confirmation on the speed. It was about 20 degrees out at 4000'.
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    New Cooper 6.5x284

    Hi Been lurking on this sight for a long time. Finally got up the funds to buy my new Rifle. It a Cooper 6.5x284 M52 Excalibur, 24" barrel with a NightForce 5x22x56 scope with MOAR reticle. Med NightForce rings on Warne Bases. Gun with scope weighs in right at 10lbs. I Been working up a load...
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    Anyone know the recipe for Black Hills 6.5x284 142gr SMK loads?

    I was surprised when I called Cooper to get some load data for my new cooper M52 6.5x284 that they specifically told me not to shoot Black Hills ammo that it was way too hot. I went out today and was trying the 4831SC from 49-51 gr with 140 gr Bergers and was getting great groups at 50gr of 4831...
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    Need Some Input on 7mm recoil comp to 300 RUM

    I am giving some serious thought of ordering a custom built rifle and want a good all around gun for hunting deer, antelope, sheep, elk etc. I own at Winchester Mod 70 300 Rum, black shadow with muzzle break. Most of my loads are 180-210gr bergers @ 3000fps. I have used the 300 Rum for allot of...
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    Best overall bullet choice for my .300 Ultra?

    I have had great luck with the 200 gr accubond. My favorite load is Rem Brass Rem 9 1/2 primer 88 gr H1000 power 200 gr accubond 2980-3000 fps

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