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    Why not a faster twist in the 270 Winchester

    I'm with you, i don't think it'd cause one issue if factory rifles started selling a 1-9 twist or even a little faster. You'd likey be fine with all but the light, fragile varmint bullets, and who shoots their 270 at varmints anyway? I think the 90tnt is about as light as you can buy, but most...
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    Best load for accuracy with 140 GR SPBT in the 270 win

    I think you'd do well to try any of these: RL26,23,17,16, and the all time fav H4831. I also hear of many doing well with 7977 and 4451. I've only played with 4451 a little, but that trial was a promising start.
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    Idaho Opener

    Good deal! Where, what caliber, etc? We need the details.
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    Alliant 4000MR - any opinions?

    I've used it in my 270 win. It gives me real good accurate loads with 150s. I think it'd do well in the 300w. I'd give you a 1/3 lb to play with if you didn't live so far away.
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    Alliant and Accurate Powder at Powder Valley

    26 shot well in my 270. It's also elusive, I'm out or I'd trade some with you. Willing to sale 26?
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    Alliant Powder In Stock + Varget & H4350

    Yea... Fake news! LOL!
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    Alliant and Accurate Powder at Powder Valley

    Yea... I tried. Sure locked up, and nada 🙄 in the end. Really want to try RL23, but it remains a dream. I'd also like to get more 2000mr.
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    Impact of bayonet-style chronograph on group size

    Generally mine does, some quite a bit. The exception is mod 10FP, 308. It has a 20", bull barrel. It doesn't seem to open up the groups, but they do move to the right about 1/2 an inch with that gun.
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    7mm-08 Load Data for heavy for caliber bullets

    It doesn't get the love it deserves for sure.
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    Multiple Powders #2 - 8lb Kegs: StaBALL 6.5, TAC, Big Game, RL33, N550 - Boise, ID 83713 - Local Only - I can't/won't ship

    Let me know if you ever make it over to East Idaho. I don't have any near future plans to get back over there. Thanks
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    16 lbs of H4831SC

    I'd buy one jug if you were in the east Idaho area.
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    HODGDON H4831SC at Hodgon

    The 4831 is gone...:(
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    Share W/me your 308W and IMR4166 experience

    I have just started playing with it. The accuracy has been excellent. Speed nothing super excitable, but good. I'm pretty sure I've only played with it topped by 155s, and 175s, and I do know I definitely want to play with it more. It was that good with the few loads I have done this far.
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    WTB Binos

    Don'tl know if your still looking, but I have are some that are BNIB. They're quite good for the $200 price range. They are Bushnell Engage EDX 8x42 Binos, BEN842. I'd ship then to you for $150, I'm also open to trades. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Reloder 23 in .308 win

    If you're ever in East Idaho, I'd trade RL23 for some powders I have that are good in the 308. I've got at least 3 that would be better than RL23