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    Done with 215 Bergers

    One has to understand what kills an animal. I am a surgeon and hunter and have had extensive trauma experience. Have seen and treated all sorts of bullet wounds in humans and as a hunter and bullet maker I have seen a lot of rifle bullet injuries in animals ranging from Rabbits to Cape Buffalo...
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    Best bullet for coyotes outta my .243?

    You need to give the Badlands Precision 79Gr .243 Bulldozer a try. Stable in 1:10 or tighter twist, will kill the Coyote right there and not damage the fur with a huge exit hole. Will work beyond 600 yds and outperform any bullet in in its weight class. Excellent for Deer and Antelope as well.
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    Defiance Action Questions for 338 Lapua

    A very good friend and I shoot .338 caliber rifles and are playing around with making bullets for them. He has a Defiance rebel action in the .338 Lapua. The Rem LA length is not sufficient. Would go with the action specified for the Lapua. You will really appreciate the along magazine...