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    Pressure Signs

    Following because this is a skill i need more of.
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    Gents where does the 28SM fit in all of this?
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    Unseen dangers of shooting

    Yes Gents it is 100% the most difficult thing I have ever done. I still love the smell of a cigarette but I haven't touched one for 10 years. Having kids was my motivation. A packet of 25 cigarettes in Australia is now about $40.
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    Excuse my ignorance 6.5 Ackley Improved = 6.5 Sherman?

    The brass that is available in USA is not available in Australia. This is my problem. We are not blessed with the same quality and readily available components that you folk in USA are.
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    Excuse my ignorance 6.5 Ackley Improved = 6.5 Sherman?

    Does anyone know if there is another case other than the SAUM that the 6.5max and 7max can be formed from? Cheers
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    Lyman outside neck turner

    Gday, I am looking for some discontinued parts for my Lyman outside neck turner. Looking for part number 7810165 which is a 2 pack of the cutters and contains 2 x small nylon balls. I would also like the .264" mandrel part number 7810154. It appears that all parts for the outside neck turner...
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    New set of calipers

    Ah ok. Thanks.
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    New set of calipers

    Nubba can i ask what happened to your last set? What broke? I also am looking for another set and was considering a set of Starretts with the dial.
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    My budget .264 WM ...

    That is very beautiful.......6.5mm is just a young tart. Lovely and firm.
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    Marking brass technique

    Thanks for the replys Gents. All good.
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    Marking brass technique

    What is the best way to mark brass for how many times it has been reloaded? Cheers
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    Hello all

    Welcome from North Oz.
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    What Got Everbody Started Reloading ?

    I have only just started my reloading journey. I purchased a rem Senderos 264 win mag and couldn't buy factory ammo for it. Have started load development for it plus a 300win mag and a 375HH. Learning alot on this site and am enjoying it greatly.
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    Barrel is cactus?

    Fair dinkum = not joking, truthfully. Tomato stake? The barrel could be tomato staked?
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    Barrel is cactus?

    Gday MLN, Cactus is a fairly regulary used term this side of "the pond". If i had of said "she is knackered", "its buggered" or "its gone west" would your side of "the pond" be all over it? On a more fair dinkum side of things i would like to thank all you blokes on this forum for the awesome...