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    6.5x55 swede bolt face clarification

    I have two 6.5x55 rifles one has had the bold face opened up and one has not. Both are built on a rem 700 270 actions. The F-class rifle has had the bolt face opened up and I use Lapua brass with that rifle. The other rifle has not had any work on the bolt face and if I use lapua bass with it...
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    243 for whitetails

    I shoot deer with a 6mm Rem so about the same as 243 Win. The truth is deer just are not that hard to take down shoot 100 gr with good results. I also use a 22-250 AI with 80gr A-max with very good results. I shoot deer with a 6.5x 55 BJI and it works very well. I use my 30-06 on deer and it...
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    22-250 AI Savage Axis

    For what you say you want to do with this gun I would go with a 223 every time. The 223 is much cheaper to shoot. If as you say barrel life is not that big a deal then the cost should not bother that much. Remember if you are shoot a 22-250 A.I. you are shoot about 25 cents of barrel life every...
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    You gotta see this

    You should stop right now, or you may find that this is the best shooting gun you have ever had. That means what the hell have you been wasting your money on all the pretty gun for. And second even if it does shoot super its not like you can take something that ugly out in public all the other...
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    Help me decide caliber for new build

    The 284 shehane has been getting some good results with the F class crowd. It might be worth a look.
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    New 6.5 Idea

    Thank you, that makes sense to me. I look forward to 6.5 BPX making its way out to the shooting world so we can give it a try.
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    Need a bullet expert

    Well Outlaw 6.0 I sure am sorry and must apologies I had no idea that the game down south was so much bigger and harder to kill than the little stuff we have up here in Northern Canada. I stand corrected by all means spend your time and money getting it just right and don't wast your time...
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    Need a bullet expert

    [ Testing, evaluating & identifying a one size fits all projectile is going to be a challenge. Which is why I shoot 3 different 6mm's from .243 to 6-284, all with different bullets suited for a specific task. Can it be done? Sure, as most of the posters here prove, but there is ALWAYS a...
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    New 6.5 Idea

    Actually my point was if you are going to play with a case and make it shorter so it would fit a 700 short action the 6.5x 55 should be an good candidate. As I said it has a 100 year history of being a very accurate case. I guess maybe that could a project for someone else to try.
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    Brake on 6mm-284?

    Well at 12lb I am thinking this is not a carry gun, and that is a good thing if you are going to put a brake on it because as mentioned by AZshooter it can be hard on ears. I can tell you from experiences that it does help spot your shot at long range. I have a 22-250 A.I that has a brake for...
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    New 6.5 Idea

    I was looking at your case and the velocities you are getting with the powder you are using. I have to say your case would seem to be very similar to a 6.5x55 improved just a little shorter and your results are also very similar to the performance of the 6.5x 55 improved. So can ask , did you...
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    Need a bullet expert

    I shoot a 6mm Remington and started using Hornady A-Max 105 grain. I started using them because my wife has had outstanding results using the 80 grain A-max on deer from 22-250 A.I. ( yes its legal here) That A Max bullet performs very well with fast one shot kills when put in the right...
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    22-250AI or 22-243 that's my question

    Well first of you are probably right I am better than most at hold over but I don't need to be for this. Most of the time I don't get real technical on this stuff not because I can't but because I just like to spend more time out shooting. Having said that lets get technical for a moment here...
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    22-250AI or 22-243 that's my question

    Well if you have a thing for a "Jaybird" go for, it but the 223 lets you spend more time shooting and less time fiddling. I don't think your dogs are any bigger than the ones up here in Canada, 500 and under is short range and a 233 works just fine. If you want to go out farther then get a...
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    22-250AI or 22-243 that's my question

    If you only have a 1:12 barrel and you are only going out to 500 yards I would just stay with a 223 and have some barrel life. If you want to run bigger case size for a 22 get at least a 1:9 or better yet a 1:8. A good 223 should own the ground out 500 yards. The extra rounds you can shoot to...

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