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    NF ATACR 4-16×42 F1 MOAR

    I Found another one. GLWS
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    NF ATACR 4-16×42 F1 MOAR

    I'll take it if available pm sent
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    NF NX8 2.5-20x50 MOA

    PM sent..
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    Nice buy on the Cooper!
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    Those are all great ideas. I ended up with a CA BA Tactical. Slightly over my budget, but I could see it and hold it. I like my Ridgeline, and decided to keep with a carbon barrel. The stock feels great and is very adjustable. With inventory down on everything, I may have settled, but it gets...
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    I found a CA BA Tactical locally. I'm just a little Leary of CA, although my PRC shoots great. It's also $2500, a bit more than ideal.
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    I own a bunch of 300 WM components. I don't want to add a new caliber right now. I agree with you though. I'm looking to add a LR rifle to practice with, instead of shooting my hunting rifle. Thanks though..
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    Yes I have searched, but there are newer rifles out there now (Sako S20) I have a CA Ridgeline 6.5 PRC, even after good and bad reviews. It shoots very well. I had a Browning Hells Canyon 6.5 PRC, Shot well but never shot it much (A buddy had to have it) Surprised me that the S20 has 1-11 twist...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Syren Elos Sporting Womens' O/U Shotgun

    If it was a lefty...
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    Rifles Inc. Guns

    I am amazed by these rifles. Recoil on my 300 WM is tame.
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    Swarovski Z8i 2-16x50

    PM sent
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    Trade RL-26 for H1000

    if you coming near Cheyenne... let me know
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    Rifles Inc. Strata 30-06 AI

    I have the same in 300 WM... I am a fan... GLWS..
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    Maven RS-1

    15% off until end of April...
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    Mounting my own Scope

    NF is doing CYA... but they are good rings as well. Lapping is more important on some rings than others.