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    Big Cat

    I mean this with all due respect, but you may want to get your testosterone levels checked. It affects how you perceive things and how we problem solve.
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    I own a 6.5 -06 built on a Mauser. 1 thing you should consider is magazine length on Mauser. It is limited to about 3.3 inches. If you still want one, I will give you a good deal on one. Built by Ron Nichols out of Holbrook AZ
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    .25-06 1x and 2x brass for sale.

    I will take the once fired Winchester. Please send payment info. Thanks
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    700 L/A Mag 300

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    700 L/A Mag 300

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    700 L/A Mag 300

    Complete,with BDL bottom metal,old style trigger. 300 shipped to your FFL or Face to Face in Phoenix. RR prefix About 200 rounds on it. Will post pics tonight.
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    6XC IMR-4350 115gr DTAC Load Data For Those Interested

    Good info, thank you!
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    6.5 Creedmoore

    Hopefully someday I will be able to say the same thing. LoL
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    6.5 Creedmoore

    Remmy 700. Have you run a Chrono with out the suppressor? Just curious how much velocity increase that is worth.
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    Boots for wide feet

    I have 11 eee. I was about to order custom boots when I tried some Danner crater rims. Great boots. They are the same as the Danner combat hiker worn by our troops. Sometimes you can find those on eBay for under $100.00
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    215 Berger Target for hunting

    I shot a Coues deer with a 200 grain Hybrid out of a 300 win mag. DRT Impact velocity 2350ish.
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    Coyote killed my dog.

    When hunting near houses, I use cat distress on my fox pro. Works like a charm.
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    Az unit 10 early rifle bull

    Congratulations! How many points did it take to get drawn?
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    .223 bolt action 600 yd

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    Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor issue.

    I should mention I am using 36.8 grains if varget. I was at 2590 fps now I'm at 2512 fps.

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