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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    Enter Me In The Huskemaw Scope Contest
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    6-24x scope $400 or less

    I don't have the one I listed but do have an Apex model 4044. It's a 4-16x44. Have it mounted in my .221 FB. I called Alpen before I bought it and they said they're made in China to their specifications and if I had any problems with it to send it back no questions asked. I was kind of leery but...
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    6-24x scope $400 or less

    Not very well known but excellent optics for the price. Very bright and clear. Alpen is known more for their binoculars. Alpen Apex XP 6-24x50mm SF 30mm Water Proof Rifle Scope, Matte Black FREE S&H 4058. Alpen Apex Riflescopes, Alpen Riflescopes.
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    Flatline Ops Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The Flatline Ops Contest
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    Giveaway Contest - 5 Quigley-Ford Long Range Hunting Rifle Scopes

    enter Me In The Quigley-Ford Scope Contest
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    Give Away Contest - Gunwerks New Auto Reset Target

    Enter Me In The Gunwerks Auto Reset Target Contest
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    Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Contest
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    Good Riflescopes for under $450

    Check out the Nitrex TR 2 models on sale at Natchez. They have a $100 dollar rebate through the end of the year. These scopes are the same as the Weaver Super Slam at half the price. TR Two...
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    Nikon Omega and Coyote Special Rifle Scopes Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The Nikon Rifle Scope Contest
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    Looking for Scope for 22-250 for better half:)

    Are you looking for a fixed magnification only or would you be open to a variable?
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    40% off for military and Fed LE for Leupold tactical

    Just to let you know only certain items are available at 40% off. I checked today.
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    US Optics $2500 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In US Optics Rifle Scope Contest"
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    Swarovski Riflescope - $2,000 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Swarovski/Cameraland Contest"
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    US Optics $1,000 Spotting Scope Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The US Optics Spotting Scope Contest

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