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    Tikka t3x roughtech 270win

    I mounted a scope on and sighted in one of these in 7mm rem mag for my brother in law and it made me want to get one. The first 100 yard group (shots 6, 7, 8 through the gun) printed about .6xx inches. The load was pretty generically picked and the rifle new so obviously, there's potential there.
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    Norma 270 WSM Brass - 50 ct. - New

    Brass has been sold
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    Hoe much ammo to bring

    Generally load the mag with 3-4 (rifle dependent) and then have 10 in a cartridge wallet that goes on my pack belt. I would generally be comfortable with 8-10 total but just fill the slots available. I also generally have a glock with full mag.
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    Norma 270 WSM Brass - 50 ct. - New

    i have (50) new Norma 270 WSM brass for sale. $90 shipped in the lower 48
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    Region H Wyoming on fire

    I've been worried about this too. I drew the 141/162 type 1 tag and it was stating to get awfully close to an area I'd planned on hunting
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    Kodiak brown bear rifle

    I just recently picked up a rifle, not because I have any real near-term need for it, but because if I find myself in a similar situation to yours, I'll be covered. It's a Winchester 70 classic stainless in 375 H&H. It's a big jump from my 30-06s to a 375 but if the right hunt comes along, I'll...
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    WY deer area 141/162-1

    I changed my first choice deer area to 141/162 at the last minute on a whim and ended up drawing the tag! I was totally surprised. I plan on doing lots of scouting this summer as I live relatively close. I don't have any pack animals but am in reasonably good shape and don't mind a hike. I want...
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    270 for Elk which ammo

    I'll likely be shooting 140 accubonds at elk with a 270 wsm this fall. I have no concerns
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    22-250 ai

    With the speed of the 22-250 AI, the 8 twist would be plenty with 75s.
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    Should I Reload

    Right there with you! Most of my rifles have never seen factory ammo
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Ramshot Magnum powder

    I've been looking for a few lbs for months also. I'm down to being able to make about 12 rounds of what I shoot it in.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bell and Carlson alaskan stock for SA rem 700

    This has the short block and rear pillar, correct? Not the full length block like the Alaskan II?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Winchester M70 270WSM Stainless (REDUCED PRICE) SPF

    Re: WTS: Winchester M70 270WSM Stainless (REDUCED PRICE) Do you know what it weighs as pictured?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED wtb: hornady 140 interlock 6.5/.264

    anybody have a box or 2? I'm looking for just the standard soft point (not SST). Have a load mostly finalized but am low on bullets
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage model 12 .223, McGowen barrel

    Center feed action?