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    Why doesnt someone make a BIG @ss riflescope?

    Still might be fun to shoot though. Just don't be anywhere near the muzzle as its going off.
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    Why doesnt someone make a BIG @ss riflescope?

    Robbor, what kind of rifle would you mount a scope that big? A 20mm mini gun for shotting 3 miles. [ 11-30-2004: Message edited by: Nighthawk ]
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    I dont get it?!

    Why don't you ask them.
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    My Elk Hunt...The Good...The Bad...And The Ugly

    Hey man, look at it this way. You may not have gotten an elk, but at least you were out in the woods with a weapon.
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    improved 300 win mag

    What would be the point of an improved version. About all you would gain is about 50fps.
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    Weatherby rifles and cartridges

    I also beg to differ on the fact that Weatherby's are inaccurate. I have had two Accumarks," the first was a .300 Wby Mag and the second a .30-378 Wby Mag. I reloaded some with 220 grain Mk's and my dad got 1/4" groups or better. The .30-378 did about as good. Mind you that these were just...
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    30 cal questions .........

    Marksman, just so you know the .30-06 isn't the most accurate .30 you can get. I would recommend a .300 Win Mag. That way you have a highly accurate target rifle out to abou 1200 yards and you can use Lapua brass. As far as the WSM it depends on how long a barrel you want. The WSM will only do...
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    John Kerry Writing Book on Deer Hunting!

    I sure as hell hope not.
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    John Kerry Writing Book on Deer Hunting!

    Len I feel very sorry for you. I would take some sleeping pills and wake up in a couple days. hopefully during that time it doesn't keep happening. If it does than I have to laugh at you. heh heh
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    leupold vs. simmons which is better?

    There is no comparison between Leupold and Simmons. Leupold blows them away.
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    Noslers new cartridge cases

    Ian, got any word yet on how these compair t6o other brass makers, Lapua especially?
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    bullet twist rates over velocity?

    Richard, does this static and dynamic impalance apply for solid bullets as long as they are relatively "perfect."
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    bullet twist rates over velocity?

    What is dynamic imbalance?
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    bullet twist rates over velocity?

    Hey guys, I figure I would ask a question to stir the pot. I know that a lot of people on this site like to go for the highest velocity they can get without sacrifising accuracy in order the get the maximum range out of their rifle before the bullet decides to destabalize. My question is this...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED for sale: .338 Lapua cases

    Hey, I have around 200 .338 Lapua cases for sale. They have never been firedand are already primed with Federal #215M primers. I also have around 100-150 unfired 300 gr Matchkings. Cases would be about $225. MK's around $50. Thanks for any responce.