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    Hunting with a muzzle brake, ear protection

    I wear reasonably priced Redhead earmuffs at the range and hunting. I know it wouldn't work in every situation, but I just put them on my head above my ears while waiting. When the time comes to shoot at the animal, just slip them down. Key here is that these ear muffs are very comfortable...
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    270 Winchester Ackley Improved

    "I could fax it easier??" That statement perplexed me.. until I read "The OP may be dead by now!" And then I checked posting dates and it all started to make sense.. lol!
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    Vortex Viper PST gen1 6-24x50 vs gen2 5-25x50

    Its rough... such an expensive purchase and no way to really spend time with it before you swipe the card. And people's eyes seem to have different preferences so its hard to say. Are you buying at a store where you can look at it first or online? I certainly dont want to discourage someone...
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    Vortex Viper PST gen1 6-24x50 vs gen2 5-25x50

    I compared them side by side twice at different stores (and therefore different examples) and the gen2 looked a little clearer and brighter above about 15x both times. I went with the vortex.
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    Vortex Viper PST gen1 6-24x50 vs gen2 5-25x50

    I have the gen 2 you mention (I love it!) and my shooting buddy has the gen1 you mention. While the gen 2 is the better scope, I wouldn't think the upgrade would be worth the cost. Turrets have a better feel, I like the zero stop and the glass is alittle better. You are getting one or two...
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    Contemplating first Custom Action

    Hello, I'm the guy who buys the cheapest used Savage 10/110 I can find and puts an aftermarket pre-fit barrel on it. It's worked great, but I'm wondering if it isn't time to step up my game on my next rifle. I'm looking for an action that uses the Savage barrel nut system (and pre-fit barrels...
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    Handloading is fun! But it also feels like a blackhole sometimes. There's always a nother tool or technique to try in order to get lower SDs and better accuracy. I actually got rid of my gear because right now I don't have the time to tweak loads, test, and then keep repeating. I will get...
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    30-06 can still get it done

    Great shot! No doubt about it, 30-06 has been doing the job for quite a while. I've hunted soy bean fields in MS with my cousin (coincidentally with a 30-06) and shot my first buck that way (146 yards). How big is your freezer?! Haha. That soy bean deer was the least gamey tasting deer I've...
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    New use for Elk mount

    Cats are always trying to kill their owners.. fact. Kitty is scoping out her next ambush. Or maybe I'm jealous I've never shot an elk. Yeah, actually that sounds more likely. I bet she's been wondering how to get up on top of George from the first time she saw him, lol. Great picture!
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    7mm Rem Mag vs 6.5 Prc

    Yes, and no. Louder equals more damage anyway you look at it. I'm not opposed to braked rifles, but as others have stated, they will do more damage than unbraked. I hunt with ear protection, it's not worth the risk. My own personal experience was when I was young and with a 357 Mag pistol...
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    7-300 win mag @ 300 and 500

    Great shooting! You guys keep me motivated to keep improving. I'm proud that I finally got to the point where I can consistently get my 100 yard groups to look like your 300 yard group, but clearly I have more work to do! Ha! I joined a 1k yard range in May and am starting to stretch my legs...
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    New ELR Record, Have You Seen This?

    100% agree. I love that people are pushing boundaries and doing things we previously thought impossible. I'm certainly not downplaying his team's accomplishment or the amount of expertise it took to get that hit.
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    New ELR Record, Have You Seen This?

    I see both sides of the arguement. Hitting at that distance is insanely impressive regardless of how many times it took you. And by his own admission, the point is to push the limits of our hardware, understanding of ballistics, and ability to call environmentals. Obviously we cant expect 1st...
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    # of Shots per Group and MOA - Results

    Great post and great work. This comment above is always a question I've wondered, but no one seems to do any analytics on. Everyone says "shoot 5 shots or more" (understandably), but I've always thought if I can shoot 4 3-shot groups that all hover around .75", isn't it safe to say the...
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    Shooting long range help

    Plinker is a thinker.. keep shooting. My guess is wind, but certainly possible that it was a slight mistake by you compounded by wind.

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