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    What distances have you pushed a stock Remington 700 ultimate out to

    What distances have you taken a Remington 700 ultimate out to? last year my gf shot a nice bull at 343yds running 100gr of Bh by weight and a Parker match 300gr, what have others pushed them out to, either hunting or on paper
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    Shooting stick questions

    Gen 3s haven't been to bad for me, but do agree the rocking back and fourth is a pain (gfs uses them more then I do) I have the swagger bipod I use mostly though
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    Trouble posting on classifieds.

    Same issue here, I used to be able to post on them
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sitka Bino Bivy

    I’ll do it, message me your info
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sitka Bino Bivy

    How long do we have to wait till it's at 50 cause I'm in for that lol
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex Razor 12x50mm Binos

    Will you do 350 shipped