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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tree Lounge Climbing Treestand

    Sorry, the stand is sold. Thanks
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tree Lounge Climbing Treestand

    After seeing what they are selling for elsewhere, this is pretty cheap. The only reason I bumped it is because the price to ship it went through the roof. Costs $50 just to ship.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Horn Hunter Main Beam XL Pack

    Still available
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tree Lounge Climbing Treestand

    This thread needs a bump....$200 tyd
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Horn Hunter Main Beam XL Pack

    Still available....$200 shipped. Great pack and tough to find in this pattern.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Horn Hunter Main Beam XL Pack

    3800 cubic inch pack in predator camouflage. I bought it for an elk hunt and only used it two days thanks to the weather. $200 shipped to your door! I will email pictures if interested.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tree Lounge Climbing Treestand

    I have an original Tree Lounge climbing treestand for sale. Very comfortable for those all day hunts! Does not come with bowhunters platform. Perfect for rifle hunting. It's like hunting from a lazy boy! Price is starting at $175 with free shipping and is very negotiable.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED DLC MP6 Trail Cameras

    I have 3 DLC MP6 cameras for sale. Cameras are only 3 weeks old and come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. $140 each or $400 for all three.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex Fury 12.5 X 42mm binoculars

    I have had these binoculars for one season, and they are still in excellent shape. I recently won a set of swarovski binos, and no longer need the Vortex. I am asking $215 OBO shipped to your door!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System

    Top left corner has a NFR (Not for commercial Resale) label, received for attending training at a Microsoft convention. I will take a picture of the unopened product package if anyone is interested. Contact me for the price. I am offering this product at a significant discount compared to other...
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    Custom Left Hand Rifles - 4 to 6 week completion times on left hand rifles

    Re: Left Hand Rifles - How much interest is there in "Ready To Ship" left hand rifles I think your decision to begin manufacturing left-handed custom rifles would be a wise one. I am left-handed, and as with most of the others that have posted in this discussion, I feel that offering...
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    Giveaway Contest - 12 winners of Holland Data Card Software

    "Enter me in the Holland's Ultimate Data Card Software Contest"
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    Weatherby Wool Vest

    Does anyone have a Weatherby Wool Vest that they would be willing to sell? Weatherby discontinued their wool clothing line for unknown reasons, and I would really like to complete my set. Size XL or XXL would work great! Thank you
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    Average cost of custom 338 Lapua?

    I am contemplating whether or not I should build a custom 338 Lapua. I would like to get an idea of the cost (without optics) of all the major components as well as the average cost of the smith work. I'm not looking for anything extremely fancy, just a good quality hunting rifle with...
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    Target view at long distances

    Thanks for the input! Maybe a 24" target is a little big. I'll try knocking it down the a 16" and see how bad I can scare that target!