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    How many layers of merino wool?

    Patagonia midweight Zip T. Been wearing these for 40 years.
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    Brass Quality - Best to Worst

    Lapua is like jewelry
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    Oh no!!! Tryin out some Hammers!!!

    For what it’s worth. I’m shooting a 20-250 with 37 grains of N550 with a 31 grain Hammer bullet. I’m getting 4500 fps. They hold up good on coyotes. Go till you start getting a slight bolt lift, about that time you’ll see ejector marks. Watch those primers for gas leaking out around them too...
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    Suggestions for a good elk hunting boot

    Danner "Elk Hunter" boots. Hands down the best boot I've ever had for any and all hunting. I hunt upland bird mostly with mine, particularly Chukars, there is no rougher country than "Chukar country". I've been wearing these boots for 25 years, currently on my fifth pair. They come insulated...
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    I need a new rangefinder.

    I know this is way out of your mentioned price range, I recently paid the big bucks for Leica Geovid3200.Com 10X42. Amazing optics. A guy almost has to be an engineer to set it up though. Don’t see myself ever using separate binoculars and range finder anymore, totally spoiled now. You can’t go...
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    Labradar and .224 bullets

    Yes! Anything over 3800-3900 fps you will need a different Chronograph.
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    I've gone through 5 barrels in the last 10 years, and each one has at least one new batch of brass, so I've done this several times. Looking at my notes, New Lapua 6.5X55 brass necks measured .290". I use Redding 6mm-284 bushing dies and started with .282" then .272". The .272" reduced the neck...
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    Labradar and .224 bullets

    Just what WA6.5x47 said, it only goes to 3800-3900 fps. I had to use my Pro Chrono for my 20-250 using 31 grain Hammers. 4600 feet per second is too much for the orange machine.
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    Good Day At The Farm

    Wow! I'm not much of a "Wood stock" guy, but that is a welcome change from all the fiberglass we see posted. Nicely Done
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    6.5 PRC Barrel Concern

    Butches ain't going to do it. Bore Tech Carbon does a **** good job. But like I said before, CLR really kicks *ss on carbon and it's cheap.
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    6.5 PRC Barrel Concern

    Some folks hesitate to use bore paste. Myself, I’d use a solvent.
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    6.5 PRC Barrel Concern

    It appears you have a typical Carbon Ring ( the narrow black ring). I'd get that out of there with some CLR or what have you. Squirt some solvent into your bore guide and onto a bronze brush and shove it into the throat a 1/2" or so and twist it by hand a couple dozen times and then take another...
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    Cooling a barrel 🤔 I've been using one of these for years. In about 5 minutes I can cool down a barrel that's been shot 3 times from warm to touch to cool just by running the blower over the barrel. Or, slip the blower nozzle over the muzzle and run it, allowing...
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    Copper fouling

    Yep, I've done that as a last resort and it works well. However, many folks in the know suggest it removes metal.... My Rifle Smith (very prominent) has always suggested using 4-5 bronze brush's with a carbon remover and make 200-300 strokes in the bore to remove carbon. He is against using Bore...
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    Copper fouling

    I just have to say thanks for the mentioning of using CLR for removing carbon, I had no idea. 10 years ago I bought all the bore carbon removers I could find and made a comparison of them. Nothing impressed me. I question Wipe Out's ability to remove Carbon, I didn't see it. So after watching...