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    7mm SAUM vs 300 WSM for Elk/western hunting?

    I have taken a few moose and a few deer with 6.5CM 143 ELD-X and 300 Rum 220 ELD-X and 308win 178 gr ELD-X. I personally love the bullet. For Elk and up i think either of your choices will work well. but for a true short action i would go 7 SAUM
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    A somewhat different contour question...

    someone skilled with a 3D printer could probably print a nice cover that could bolt up to it and look real clean
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    A somewhat different contour question...

    you could add a NV hood from MDT and it would cover the barrel channel
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    178 ELD-X and 300 WSM load data?

    What were you not impressed with about the bullet? I have shot deer with a 143 ELD-X from 100-300 yards, Moose with 178 ELD-x from a .308 win from 30-150 yards and i have shoot moose and deer with a 220 ELD-X at 650 yards and was very happy with the performance of the bullet on everything.
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    6.5 Creedmoor for moose

    Moose have thicker skin and are quite a bit biggers
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    Best range finding set up

    I have the BR2500 and have used it to make hits out to 1000 meters. I really like it.
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    Rangefinding Binocular Search

    The Sig will only give you Dope out to 800 yards unless paired with a ballistic app through blue tooth, the BR2500 will give dope to 1400 yards without an additional device. Albeit if your taking a 1400 yard shot you probably want a kestral anyways for the wind. I have used the BR2500 to make...
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    Looking at sub 6lb factory rifles - need thoughts!

    for a budget friendly lightweight riffle that's sub 6lbs, hard to beat the savage lightweight hunter.
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    Light weight tents

    4 of us stayed in my cimmaron in high elevation and got snowed and hailed and rained on and we never had any issue with not having a floor, no bugs there though which helped
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    Light weight tents

    I don't know if you have looked into Seek tents lately but the have 10 models of backpacking tents, with the cimmaron being the heaviest at Complete weight - canopy, stakes, carbon pole - 55 oz / 3 lb 7 oz. They are the definition of quality lightweight tents IMHO. I think they have a...
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    Light weight tents

    The redcliff would be nice! I use mine packing into the rockies, my whole setup is right around 5lbs. They are awesome tents, quality product for sure.
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    What got you interested in long range hunting?

    For me it was just a progression in shooting in general, been shooting for over 20 years and shooting at 300 yards just wasn't exciting anymore and I got the itch to start reaching out farther. Then i stumbled on this site and it really took off from there.
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    6.5 CM bullet

    I love the ELD-X line and have used it in .308 win, 300RUM, and 6.5CM Have witnessed/made 7 1 shot DRT kills with it from 25-664 yards on deer and moose. Both the 25 yard shot and the 664 yard shot were on moose. Interesting the way the bullet traveled, i agree with revolting peasant in his...
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    Light weight tents

    I have the seek outside cimmaron, its a great tent and held up awesome in high winds up on the mountains. I have a lite outdoors titanium stove but have not needed it yet. The Cimmaron fit 4 guys and gear without the stove, it will fit 2 with the stove easy.

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