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    7-08 Help

    My 7-08 is a Remington Model Seven SS with a 20” barrel. 120 grain NBTs @3000fps with Varget 140 grain Partitions/Accubonds @2850fps with Big Game. All 3 bullets have proven to be very accurate and deadly on whitetails in my rifle. I’ll be taking it on my next elk hunt.
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    7SAUM Build - who would you call first?

    I love my 7 SAUM. It’s a factory Remington Model Seven SS with a 22” barrel. It’ll shoot 160 grain Partitions into tiny groups at 2980fps.
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    I’d pick a Remington Model Seven SS(cartridge of your choosing) and a Leupold VX3i in your favorite magnification, without hesitation.
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    New build barrel length

    My Remington Model Seven SS 7-08 with factory 20” barrel is very accurate with 120 and 140 grain projectiles. Performs great on whitetails, as well. I’ll be using it on my next elk hunt.
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    7 mm SAUM build ideas

    I’ve never tried that heavy in mine so take this for what it’s worth, but I would want at least a medium sized action for those. Like I said, I could be wrong.
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    7 mm SAUM build ideas

    I think it depends on what bullets you want to shoot. For my setup, I don’t feel like my SA is lacking. If I wanted to shoot the long heavys, then it would. What bullets do you want to shoot? Honestly answering that question will lead you to the right decision. IMO
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    7mm-08 Rem with H4350 or RL17?

    Reading all the great results with 7mm 120 grain NBTs on forums like this, really convinced me to try them. I’m very glad I did.
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    7mm-08 Rem with H4350 or RL17?

    Very nice. What barrel length are you using? What do you think I should be getting with my factory 20” barrel(generally speaking)?
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    7mm-08 Rem with H4350 or RL17?

    I shot 3 bucks a couple of years ago with the 120 NBTs in my 7-08. That was the first deer I killed with that rifle. I was very impressed with those bullets. I didn’t try to go over 3000fps with them. I’m taking this rifle on my next elk hunting trip. That’s why I developed a load with the...
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    7mm-08 Rem with H4350 or RL17?

    I’ll have to go back and look, but, I think Varget was mid to upper 2700s in mine with 140s. I picked up about 100fps going to BG powder. Wonder what I was doing wrong with the Varget and 140s.
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    7mm-08 Rem with H4350 or RL17?

    What velocities are you getting with Varget and 140 grain bullets?
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    7mm-08 Rem with H4350 or RL17?

    My 7-08 is a Remington Model Seven SS with the factory 20” barrel. Varget gets the 120 grain NBTs going 3000fps with half MOA. Big Game gets the 140 grain Partitions going 2860fps with half MOA accuracy, as well. RL16 was too compressed and slow for me.
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    6.5PRC vs. 7mm RM vs 280 ai out of shorter barrel

    Or use what the 280ai hopes to be when it grows up, the 7 SAUM.
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    7 mm SAUM build ideas

    I have a Remington Model Seven SS in 7 SAUM with the factory 22” barrel. I love it. It shoots 160 grain Partitions 2980fps and 160 grain Accubonds 2950fps with equal accuracy. I’ve never had any issues with the factory magazine length. I killed my first elk with it last year.
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    Flying after a successful hunt

    Do not use TSA locks for your gun cases. To me, the best/cheapest way is to cancel your return flight and drive home.