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    Nosler ABLR Jump

    In a .308 win, and a 7mm RM I've been running ABLRs at 0.010" and both guns shoot about .5 MOA
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    Bullet Stabilizes at range but not close...why?

    I second that. I'm no rocket scientist but the wind blows where I shoot and conditions change. It's environmentals.
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    Gel test Hammer vs Accubond

    Ballistics gel represents neither. It's just a consistent medium the FBI uses to test the performance of projectiles. It will give you an idea of how a bullet performs in soft tissue but is not directly comparable to animals. Back in the day I used water-soaked newspaper. I found it to be...
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    Tikka 6.5

    I second that! Avoid the CM Koolaid! It's a wonderfully accurate paper puncher not a magnum.
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    Is a Daypack worth it?

    I run an Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow. I like it because I can zip on the spike camp pack and double it's size. Pack in, take off the extra and compress it down for day hunts. And it's still capable of expanding to hold more meat/weight than I can carry. It's heavier than Kuiu but far more...
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    Nickel really that bad??

    Seems like a waste of time and money having to cherry pick thru Winchester brass. I stopped using them years ago when I was having to throw away 20% from each lot for the obvious imperfections.
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    Lead poisoning from eating game shot with lead core bullets?

    Don't eat up to the hole, don't eat bloodshot meat. Maybe clean and chew your birds thoroughly and spit out pellets. Problem solved. As for the eagles, and condors....maybe they're sensitive to led fragments. I know the crows, magpies, turkey vultures, and jays where I hunt must be eating a...
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    Colorado Mountain Elk Muzzleloader

    I never could get any powerbelts to shoot good groups out of my Knight or my TC. The lead ones always leaded up my barrels. Glad they work for you, awesome job.
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    This is why I whack coyotes.

    Awesome 👍 Johnny on the spot with killin yotes!
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    This is why I whack coyotes.

    Beer after coyotes happens on occasion.
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    This is why I whack coyotes.

    Anyway back to the question.... No don't feel bad about taking out the coyote pups. They are a ruthless predator that have few predators of their own, and their numbers need to be controlled.
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    This is why I whack coyotes.

    There is a high population in this area and they are the top predator. The rancher told me in a bad winter years ago they lost 40 calves to coyotes.
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    This is why I whack coyotes.

    I don't think it was play time. They were taking chunks out of the big male before the shooting stopped. Besides I've shot several yotes over the years that were feeding on yesterday's dead yotes. And one of my best calls is coyote pup in distress. 2 big males running into that call drooling...
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    Colorado Mountain Elk Muzzleloader

    I would recommend No Excuses bullets and BH209 powder. Also I cut the petals off sabots, just leaving the base and seating it over the powder like a wad/gas seal. It really improves accuracy with lead conicals.

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