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    For Sale Bartlein CF 284 24in 8 twist

    What does the barrel weigh, I can't find any weight specs on Bartleins site?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5x47 lapua dies and brass

    They are top notch and ship fast!
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    Forster CoAx

    Erik is just recently a PRS shooter, But ultimately he is a world class F-Class shooter which is where his quest for precision ammo came from.
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    Forster CoAx

    T-7 all the way.I run 2 of them and wouldn't look back.
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    Forster CoAx

    It was made by Bonanza then they were bought out and they became Forster
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    Scope rings for 300 win

    I have switched all my rifles to Hawkins Precission and they are great. They also come with a scope level cap. They are very light weight but are very strong with leant of clamping force. And it’s a great company.
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    6.5 SS (Sherman Shortmag)

    You might want to think about the 6.5 SST, just a little less capacity than the 6.5 SS but still a great cartridge. It sounds like it may fit your needs, the best of both worlds.
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    Cratering Primers

    When you pierce a primer then you will know what the reason for bushing the bolt is.
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    Wish me luck bedding new scope

    I have 7 of those Buehler micro dies and Balvar 8's, they are a great setup and I have killed many animals with them over the years as have my dad and grand father. I actually used to be a dealer for Buehler Products, I knew Maynard, Old man Buehler, he was a great guy, he lived about 17miles...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED English Walnut Stock for 98 Mauser

    You could also use alcohol.
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    Factory rifle vs custom build

    Give Ryan a call at Peircision Rifles, he makes some of the finest customs rifles out there. He keeps a good stock of parts on hand so his lead times are great and he also builds a certain percentage of rifles each moth to have on hand to sell. He is a great guy and his rifles shoot very small...
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    Powder trade Nor Cal H4895

    Are you on Accurate Shooter? I will let my buddy know, i think he has a bunch.
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    .260 vs 6.5 Creedmore

    And the 6.5 Rem Mag, they put too slow of twist barrel and built it in the 18" barrel mod 600. They made it to shoot light weight bullets, if they would have built it with a faster twist and longer barrel it would have done a lot better than it did.