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    New ultralight Titanium muzzle brake in the works

    Is the port geometry of these new ones the same as the 5 port self timer I just bought 4 weeks ago?
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    Looking for Hunting Partner for Dall Sheep in Wrangell-St. Elias, AK over August 9-15, 2021

    Are you going to be hunting on Wrangle island? My buddy lives on Wrangle, I didn't realize they had Dall sheep on the island, this could be interesting.
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    Want To Buy Kowa 553,554 or 773,774 Spotting Scope

    Another great option is the KOWA 663 or 664 Prominar spotting scope, its a 66mm objective so it would be in between those two, its light weight and crystal clear.
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    Glue for pillars?

    AcraGlass Gel or Devon 10110 are my top choices, Devcon is the most forgiving as fare as getting the mixing ratio right. MarineTex is real finicky about the mixing ratio, I have seen guys not get it right and it not cure all the way.
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    More exact way of finding .000 jump

    No the barrel and bolt stay on the action but the ejector is removed from the bolt.
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    H1000 VS N570 ( 28 nosler)

    I have great results in my 2 28 Noshers with RL-33 and 195's. I have shot my loads in 100*+ Ca. weather and hunted in high 80s to 20s and have done fine with them on game out past 1000 yards. It gets good speed too.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bix 'N Andy TacSport two-stage triggers

    Great triggers. If you don't mind me asking what triggers are you going to try now? I know how it is, some people like to just change it up and try new things, it doesn't mean the one they were using isn't as good.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Norma 7 SAUM Brass

    You might want to try seasoning your brass next time, the first firing or so load them mild loads before you decide to step on them. It helps out a lot on all brass. It gives the heads a chance to harden. I might have some extra NIB Norma or Nosler 300 SAUM brass, its been quite a bit better...
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    300 prc vs 30 nosler

    30- 28 Nosler is a great choice, it has a bit more powder capacity than the standard 28Nosler and all you do is neck the brass up and shoot. ADG makes great brass for it. It shoots the Berger 215 and 230 lights out and I have seen a guy get great results with the Berger 245, I am getting ready...
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    Oversized Duffle recommendation, please.

    I bought some of the ones KUIU makes and they have been great. I bought them when they were on sale and got a great price. I have 3 different sizes.
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    Adding a spotter this fall, help me choose

    dmj, there is nothing wrong with the Meoptas, they are great glass. I beleive if you look at the most recent top model of Meopta that would compete with the Kowa 77series you would find they are priced very similar and the Meopta may even be a bit more. My buddy has the one that is badged for...
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    Adding a spotter this fall, help me choose

    Your welcome, that is a phenomenal scope and you will not be disappointed. Its a great all around scope, big objective, awesome clarity, it has the Fluorite glass and not as heavy as the 88MM. A great choice in-between the 663 series and the 88 series. Let us know what you think once you get it...
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    Adding a spotter this fall, help me choose

    What professionals? Professional what?
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    Adding a spotter this fall, help me choose

    I had the Vortex Razor 11-33x50 and sold it, just too small for me power wise, My buddy has the Vortex Razor 22-48x65 and its not bad but I ended up buying a KOWA Promiser 663M with XD glass, which is a 66mm objective and your choice of eye pieces, I went with the 20-60x zoom for hunting and a...
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    *SOLD* Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x42

    I was asking what reticle, but then I reread and saw I missed it. It was too early n the AM I guess, LOL.

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