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    Suggestions for a good elk hunting boot

    I'll add another vote for Crispi. I have a pair of Nevada's and they have been very sturdy & comfortable. I also have wide feet and found that these fit me better than other brands.
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    Montana Antelope Draw Results?

    oops, sorry - WY, not MT
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    Montana Antelope Draw Results?

    Got mine today -
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    Hunting books and collectibles

    I've got a collectible book (Maine Made Guns and Their Makers, numbered limited printing) which I've listed on eBay, just wondering if anyone knows of an online exchange for books and collectibles? Nothing really to do with Long Range Hunting, just thought maybe someone here would know of such...
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    Decent boot for an elk hunt

    I'll add a vote for Crispi - I've had them for 3 years and am happy with them.