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    Sierra .257 110 grain

    Just picked up some Sierra TGK 110 gr for my 25-06. I can not find any info on this bullet or loads. Has anybody tried these out. I'd appreciate any input and suggested starting point. Thanks!
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    WTB Browning A Bolt 22 Hornet

    Know these are tough to find but figured someone might have one tucked away waiting for a new home.
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    The 7mmLRM doing work

    Normally chase mule deer and elk but this year ended up only pulling the trigger on whitetails. First was my second ever coues deer in New Mexico. 327 yards Second was my first ever whitetail. South Texas on a low fence ranch. 432 yards Third was a heavy old South Texas buck at 120 yards...
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    Bullet selection for Aoudad?

    Last ram I shot was with a 6XC shooting VLD's 580 yards and they preformed great. With the bigger calibers you should have no issues.
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    2506 or 2506 Ackley build

    Thanks for the input guys. I think I'm gonna go with the Ackley and see how it goes.
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    2506 or 2506 Ackley build

    I am currently shooting a 7mm LRM and a 6.5x284. Just looking to do something different on this gun.
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    2506 or 2506 Ackley build

    I currently have a 3006 Remington Mountain Rifle. I was looking at selling it but after some thought I am leaning toward using it as a project gun. I am currently looking at caliber options and have decided on either a 2506 or 2506 Ackley. Would just like some input on thoughts on both of...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Mountain Rifle 3006

    Not much interest, I would be willing to hear some offers? Lol
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Mountain Rifle 3006

    Looking to sell or trade my Remington Mountain Rifle DM 3006. Rifle has less than 100 rounds fired. Topped with a Leupold VX3 4.5X14. Will also throw in 6 boxes of Hornady Custom ammunition 165 gr. Great little rifle I just never use it. Asking $1200.00 or willing to look at trades for high...
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    VIDEO - Maral Hunting in Kazakhstan 2011

    Great video, thank you for sharing. Wonderful trophies!
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    Long range archery bull

    I am shooting- Hoyt Alpha Burner Goldtip Hunters Blazer vanes Ripcord rest Ulmer Edge broadheads Very impressed with the Ulmer Edge heads this year. Wasn't a huge fan of mechanicals but after reading literally 100s of reviews I decided to give these a try this year. I was not...
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    Siberian Ibex in the mountains of Kazakhstan

    That a great looking ibex. Thanks for sharing. Definitly on my bucket list!
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    Long range archery bull

    I was able to take this bull a couple weeks ago. 70 yard shot and he was down in less than 10 seconds only traveled 50 yards. If you spend the time shooting the new equipment is just amazing.
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    1X Scope

    I am looking into purchasing a crossbow for my wife in the near future. My question is in Utah she would only be able to use a 1X scope. Would I be able to find a scope with elevation marks in 1X?
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    NM Aoudad 2012

    Thanks for the comments. We hunted public land in the Roswell area. This was my first trip down there but will hopefully not be my last.:)