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    For Sale Bergara HMR LH stock (rem 700)

    I'll take ie as per notice on accurate shooter reply
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    243WSSM Barrel savage lg shank price drop

    Not sure if this makes any difference, I have a lg shank controlled round feed savage action blued 4.27 bolt spacing and or stocky Bobby hart stock nss lug and nut available to buyer
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    Savage lg shank 22 250 barrel price drop

    Shilen select match 22-250 savage LARGE shank 24" 1x14 tw 1"@ muzzle just haven't used shot very < 200 rounds easily liked everything I tried 52 gr and under has sat many years gathering dust $225 shipped
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    243WSSM Barrel savage lg shank price drop

    Shilen select match 26" wssm barrel 1x8 twist 1" at muzzle savage LARGE shank round count <300 shot ok not lights (5/8 moa) hasn't been used in 8 years just gathering dust. Also have redding die set and some nickel brass could sell with it only to barrel buyer. $175 shipped sounds fair for barrel
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    ISO 300 WSM

    Winchester model 70 coyote 300wsm low round count bedded lug ok shooter ( no 1/4 moa gun) $450 shipped
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    700 sa bdl setup

    To me? Pm PayPal info if so
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    700 sa bdl setup

    Pm ed you
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    Left Hand Raider Short action SS

    Very nice looking action max case length for wsm ?
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    2 Savage la w/ stocks 1 rb lp boyds

    All sold
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    2 Savage la w/ stocks 1 rb lp boyds

    As ad states laminate (wood)
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    2 Savage la w/ stocks 1 rb lp boyds

    I'm selling 2 stainless la 1 is .532 bf the is .478 with either a stocky laminated varmint stock or a fw thumbhole boyds opened for a varmint barrel both are bedded with a nss lug and included 20 moa rail screws and trigger guard 400.00 either one, will separate lugs stay with its bedded barrel...
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    Threat to Missouri Breaks sheep

    I really hope this doesn't happen, such a very special place and hunt.
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    Ultimate Sheep Rifle Build

    I was able to take my 189" Montana ram with my 7mm08 xp100 carried easily in my pack, 5.5 lbs shoots great hand free. It was cool to see almost every face when I said I used a pistol f&g included, I know I'm not the only one to do but a novelty all the same.