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    Christensen Arms 6.5 PRC

    is that factory ammo or custom reload?
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    Need some help with RL15 for a Buffalo Trip to South Africa

    If you need more, PM me. I have a few pounds if needed. Enjoy the trip and hunt.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44, firedot, alumina caps

    I ll take it...PM incoming
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    Lightweight .264 Win Mag Rifle

    I wanted the same thing that you're looking for. the 264win is the grandfather of the 6.5s and with handloading comes within 150fps of the "new" hotrods 6.5s. I had Cooper put together a 264 win in Long Range Hunter with a 26" carbon barrel. Shoots 0.5 MOA and weighs in at 7.5#. Great to...
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    Lightweight .264 Win Mag Rifle

    I ve got a model 92 from Cooper in 6.5x284....They were willing to make it in 264 win yet I was set on it having a 26" barrel in that caliber so I went with the 6.5x284. It shoots great. Just a thought...At 92 ounces and a 24" barrel it might be what you're looking for..
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    Nikon 4-12x40 w/ BDC reticle

    I ll take it...PM for info.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 230 Hybrid Target

    I'll take the other box...I'll PM for payment info.
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    WTB - 220 Swift Brass

    Dad just picked up a pretty nice ruger #1 in 220 swift and now he needs some reloading brass. He only needs a hundred pieces or so. Used is fine but new would be better. Thanks for the help in advance...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED PIERCISION 300 Norma Improved Package

    If I didn't just send in my payment for almost this exact gun from Piercision, I would be all over this. Ryan built me a 284 win that fits all of my deer and antelope hunting needs. It s so nice I decided that I needed him to build me an elk thumper. Good luck with this sale. ps....this...
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    Leupold VX-6 3-18x44 fire dot CDS

    I ll take it...I am having problems sending you a PM. Please PM me or text me at 406-794-7280
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    180 Berger .284 Hybrid - Hunting expansion out of 284 win??

    I am having a 284 win built and expect a muzzle velocity of approximately 2800 fps with a 180 Berger Hybrid. I know that the hybrids are a well respected hunting bullet but does anyone have any thoughts or hunting experience with them at this velocity (or similar) on deer out to 800 yards? I...
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    Looking for guidance with 264 win mag and 156 Berger

    I was working up a load for my Cooper Long Range Hunter in 264 win mag using 156 Berger and Retumbo before the Retumbo well went dry... Can anyone give me any guidance as to other powders they've had success using this bullet and similar calibers? Thank you for your help in advance...