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    Wheeler Engineering Scope Mounting Kit

    Funds sent
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    Wheeler Engineering Scope Mounting Kit

    I'll take it, paypal ok?
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    HS short action with BDL bottom metal SOLD

    I'll take it per our pm's
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    LEICA HD-B 2200

    $1,800 only price drop
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    LEICA HD-B 2200

    like new Leica HD-B 2200 Ordered these when i finally drew my bull tag after 16 yrs, it took months to get them so i didn't even have time to load the ballistics on the card, they were used on 1 6 day hunt and are as far as i can tell still in perfect condition, i made loops from paracord as i...
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    Proof. 284 CF barrel

    Just checking here before i order one , looking for a proof wrapped .284 8 twist 28" sendero contour
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    Hawkins precision rem 700 bottom metal

    Cip is the 3.85 AI magazines made to help ccommodate the longer magnums like the 300 ultra mag, Hawkins makes a dbm for the cip magazines, so i was curious if you knew what model yours was, I'm looking for one
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    Hawkins precision rem 700 bottom metal

    I assume its not the cip model?
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    6mm Ackley improved dies

    Sorry, i ended up buying new dies
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    6mm Ackley improved dies

    Looking for 6mm Ackley improved dies, at minimum I'm looking for a Neck sizing die,
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    Scope rings, TPS,Leupold,Warne

    I have a few sets of rings not being used, all in like new condition and none have been lapped, I'm open to offers and trades, first choice for trades would be 34mm low rings, lower than 1.0" which is what I'm currently running but could use lower 1, TPS 1" steel rings, not aluminum $80 2...
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    Leupold VX-6HD, 4-24x52mm, CDS-ZL2, New, Sealed Packaging

    Appreciate you working with me on this, can't wait to get it dialed in
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    338 EDGE barrel, Brux, 30 inch

    Is it still available?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED **Sold**HS Precision 5R LA stock

    If it is still available I'll take it, pm me payment info
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    .243 Win

    Nice rifle and shooting but i think you might be selling yourself short! it looks closer to 1/2 MOA if shot from 200yds after you subtract bullet dia, either way nice job