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    New rifle, 300 Warlock 2.0

    JJMoody, here is a link to the first post here describing cartridge. Regards
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    338 RUM build on 270 Wby Mk V action.

    I'm a big fan of the Mark V and have a couple semi customs built on it myself. Have fun with that 338! Keep us posted and be sure to add pics.
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    New rifle, 300 Warlock 2.0

    Spending so much time at home these days projects are getting caught up. I'll soon run out of parts if I'm not careful. The first 300 Warlock is working out very well and will be used more as a hunting rifle. Have been waiting to build this one for playing. The rifle I've been planning for a...
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    Hi From West Dakota

    What he said :)
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    Brainwashing of America

    I guess there is no explanation when logic goes out the window. All I try and do is convert one at a time. I got three women shooting last year and I'm very proud of that. Also one guy from the East coast who had never hunted before got his first deer and had me build him a semi custom deer...
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    Vaccine For Corona Virus!

    I can't help but wonder.........why would you hoard all the hand sanitizer for yourself? 🤔
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    Brainwashing of America

    Born and raised in western Canada myself and where I grew up the rifle rack in the back window was a common and expected feature, even in the school parking lot. Shooting varmints while driving around the pasture was a weekly occurrence. Handguns on the other hand are hardly worth the effort...
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    My new 300 Warlock

    Finally got to shoot it. Less than ideal conditions with 20mph wind and spitting rain but finished the rifle last night so I couldn't stand it. The wind was mostly out of my 6 so it wasn't too bad. The numbers are load numbers and not the actual order in which they were fired. The first group...
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    Can a Remington standard long action be used for a 28 Nosler build?

    Remington only makes two action lengths, short and long. There is no difference in length between a Remington magnum long action and a standard long action. Only difference is in the bolt face and sometimes feed rails (depending on the cartridge). Your 25-06 action will work perfectly with...
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    Scope Mount for Custom Hunting Rifle

    They make a Quick Detach two piece version. I have them on my 375.
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    Scope Mount for Custom Hunting Rifle

    Whenever possible I use the Talley one piece lightweight. I have had nothing but good luck with them.
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    Norma powder

    I have used MRP in 7 mag and 300 Win mag in the past with great success.
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    New Purple Heart rifle build sir are an inspiration! Hats off to you and all involved in this and other projects of the like. I will be honored to buy tickets on this rifle.
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    30-06 re barrel?

    Big fan of the 6.5x284 Norma myself. Also hard to go wrong with a 280 AI. They say you can never get something for nothing but the 280 AI comes closer than most.