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    Choosing an average elevation for my Leupold CDS

    Having just done this myself, you have two basic choices. The first, is to set up the CDS dial to reflect on altitude setting and through either shooting the dope or using a ballistic calculator, you figure out your corrections based on altitude changes. The difference might be so minimal that...
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    Best tall tripod for hunting?

    I have the bog pod tripod. I works extremely well and is not that heavy. I would recommend it for walking. The problem that I found after purchasing a couple of different tripods for various shooting activities is that the more sturdy or rapid adjustable...the heavier it got. If your rifle...
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    New sniper record

    Gents, If I may add a couple of points here. Firstly we only have the written account from a reporter who utilized second hand info, google and the need to make a nifty story to sell to his paper. His aim was not to provide the historical record but rather sell newspapers...and a tabloid...
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    New sniper record

    Well said. The internet quarterbacking is incredible...particularly on other sites...LRH remains gentlemenly in its comments...generally! I think the only thing wrong here is the newspaper.....which is saying much for the times....sought to make a flashy tabloid article out of an event. I...
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    center of scope to bore exbal question

    My bad...that is what I meant....
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    center of scope to bore exbal question

    I take a slightly different approach when looking at the height of the scope above the barrel. From the objective end, I measure the scope complete. I then measure the gap between the bottom of the scope and the top of the barrel. I thing measure the barrel just below the objective end...
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    left hand options for long range rifle?

    If I may add to one of the other previous posts. I am right handed, left eye dominate. I have a couple of precision rifles that I shout regularly. I use a simple principle to determine what action L or R that I will use. If the rifle might be used off hand, say for hunting and is light...
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    which pda for exbal

    You have to decide which OS you want to use. Windows or Palm. If you decide to go with a Palm OS, make sure you get one that has flash memory. If you don't, and the batteries die while your out, you ahve to resync with your computer to get things running again. I have a T5 and it works...
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    Olympus Camera and Binoculars - $1,580 Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    Enter Me In The Olympus/Cameraland Contest
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    US Optics $1,000 Spotting Scope Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In The US Optics Spotting Scope Contest
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    $2,500 Outfitted Antelope or Black Bear Hunt Giveaway Contest - Redbone Outfitters

    Re: $2,500 Outfitted Antelope or Black Bear Hunt Giveaway Contest - Redbone Outfitter "Enter Me In the Redbone Outfitting Contest"