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    Winchester XPR accuracy

    got one in 6.5 creedmore and got a group measuring .85 inches with hornady 129s from the factory
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    6.5 creedmore

    recently got a winchester XPR in 6.5. Shooting hornady american whitetail ammo in 129 grains I am shooting .85 inches at 200 yards. I would like to duplicate this with a barnes bullet of similar weight. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    patch cutter

    Does anyone know where I can buy a patch cutter punch for 50 cal. muzzleloader
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    rate of twist

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    rate of twist

    am building a new rifle. I want to rifle it to a specific bullet. What rate of twist would be best for 85 grain barnes bullets?
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    Barnes 80gr. TTSXBT

    dont know about 25-06, but in the 243 they are a hammer. Have killed 6 whitetails with them and have yet to have one of them take a single step after impact. By the way I'm a lung shooter.
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    .243 reload questions

    I use 85gr. barnes in my ruger 243 and shoot 1 inch at 200 yards. It devistates whitetails.
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    30-06 shooters Question

    57.3gr. imr 4350 2900 feet per second. I have shot 1 inch groups at 200 yards from a remington 760 pump with this load.
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    have been seeing reference to ssc powder. What does the ssc mean?
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    300 wm and 165gr bullets

    barnes 165 or 168 with IMR 4350 has worked wonders for me
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    243 and 80g barnes ttsx

    shot 3 whitetails with this bullet. all 3 dropped like a rock. shooting 45 grains R-19 in a ruger american. getting 3200 fps and 1 inch at 200 yards.
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    Loading for .243win and need some help

    thats 85 barnes
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    Loading for .243win and need some help

    Try *% gr. barnes with 46 gr. R-19 Shoot like a ball-a-fire out of my ruger
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    .243 Barnes TSX & TTSX Lapua cases Vihtavuori N550?

    Barnes book shows the exact same load for both the 85tsx and the 80 ttsx
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    30-06 1638gr HPBT

    48 gr. 3031 with rem 9 1/2 primers worked really good for me

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