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    H1000, H4350 and Varget Available

    H4350 is in stock for 8lb jugs at powder valley
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    They also have reloader 26 in stock right now.
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    Suppressor leak and tube cracked

    If it was a baffle strike warranty then no wouldn’t need a new stamp. But because they are going to destroy that can and serial number, a new stamp has to be issued.
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    Suppressor leak and tube cracked

    The suppressor is being replaced for free and YHM covered the tax stamp as well. But it’s still going to be a 9 month to year wait. I’m going to ask my ffl to contact the atf and see if they can expedite the stamp to get it quicker because it is a warranty repair.
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    Bushnell Nitro 4-16X44 any good?

    I have a 4-16, glass is good, the reticle is good enough and not too thick. Only issue I have is the turrets are off a little bit. Numbers don’t line up perfect.
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    Berger recipe

    It sure looks like mag pro. Regardless of what powder it is the ammo flat hammers. My rifle loved it. I chronographed it right at 2900 out of my 26 inch Bartlein with the suppressor. Shot right at .5 moa out to 500 yards.
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    Berger recipe

    It does look very familiar but the max charge for mag pro is lower then what I was seeing when I pulled a bullet. I was seeing 77.8 grains from the Berger ammo. Max charge for mag pro is 73.4. But that 73.4 grain max is for a 3.340 seating depth. Berger ammo is seated at 3.600.
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    Berger recipe

    When I pulled the bullet I expected h1000. Mag pro and Ramshot magnum were the only two powders I could see load data that was close To the amount of powder I pulled. If you look at the data from Berger’s manual max load for Ramshot magnum is 77.9 grain at 2836. So pretty darn close. The mag pro...
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    Berger recipe

    I pulled one round of 300 win Berger ammo and I could figure out what powder it was. The powder charger I got was 77.8 grain of some kind of ball powder. Figured it was either accurate mag pro or Ramshot magnum. I gave up ontrying to figure out the powder and just decided to use h1000.
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    H-1000 sighting

    Thanks a bunch! Ordered 8 pounds!
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    ALERT H1000 AND H4350 for sale

    Reloader 26 is also available!
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    Suppressor leak and tube cracked

    My buddy is going to have to deal with getting his suppressor repaired or replaced right now. YHM is closed at the moment so no work back from them. He was shooting his 308 yesterday and the gun sounded funny. Noticed his suppressor cover was ripped. Sure enough the tube cracked. No baffle...
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    Reverse engineer .300 Win Mag Berger factory match grade 215 hybrid OTM ammo

    I have pulled a bullet on the factory Berger ammo. It is a ball powder they use. The charge weighed in at 77.8 grains. I did some searching around in different manuals and the powder I came up with was ramshot magnum. That being said I didn’t try to duplicate the load because I have h1000.
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    Any open ranges Western Washington?

    Yep I need to run to our local range but it’s a no go now. Got sent home yesterday for 2 plus weeks.
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    Any open ranges Western Washington?

    You may check with upper nisqually sportsman’s range in eatonville, they might still be open.