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    H-S precision bottom metal question.

    I need to order H-S precision bottom metal the Gen 2 detachable 700 LA for 7SAUM. My question is will the 30-06 version work and if not what will. This is going on a manners stock.
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    wilderness connection Montana

    Nailed it
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    Athlon Cronus 20-60x86 ED Spotting Scope

    Price drop $1000
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    Montana Waterfowl Outfitter Recommendation

    Pretty Slim pickins in MT for that request. Some Goose outfitters here. And a couple guys that guide ducks on the Bighorn.
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    12-Points for 2022

    58/59 red desert
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 Nosler Custom

    Not sure but not much, maybe 30 pieces of once fired and a box of Nosler Custom loaded.
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    wilderness connection Montana

    S&W outfiiters on the sun ranch if you want to kill a bull. Brad went 100% this year.
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    Backcountry pistol holster options

    Creekside mercantile chest holster and a Glock 20 10mm with underwood extreme penetrators here in Montana. I dont go anywhere in the hills in this state anymore without it.
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    Crispi Boots Question

    Kennetrek Mountain extreme 400s are probably the number 1 boot locally here in Montana.
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    Athlon Cronus 20-60x86 ED Spotting Scope

    This is very bright sharp spotting scope. Very little use. I primarily backpack and its too much for me at my age to pack. I really enjoyed sitting behind it though, especially at low light. $1200 shipped.