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    Tikka T3 308: Favorite Ammo

    Just got a new t3x Veil Wideland and it shot SGK #2140 165 grains under 1/2" on my seating depth test. It also shoots the SGK 150's very well. Seems the Tikka 's like the bullets in that weight range.
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    Constitution Day September 17th

    Thanks Muddy for reminding us of this very important day!!
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    Want To Buy Tikka Stock

    A friend of mine has a Tikka OEM takeoff, that came from a t3x .223 bull barrel. If you like I can see what he wants for it. Just let me know.
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    cleaning barrel with a muzzle break

    anyone put them in an ultrasonic cleaner?
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    Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44 vs NF NXS 3.5-15x50 for Tikka 6.5

    I'll concede to you on weight, but not on glass. The Leupold may be as bright, but to my eyes the contrast is much better on the NF.
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    Tikka T3x Recoil - Suitable for Youth?

    I think the Tikka .243 in t3x would be fine for her size/length.
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    Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44 vs NF NXS 3.5-15x50 for Tikka 6.5

    To me the NF outshines the leupold in all categories.
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    243 Winchester bullet choice

    The 87 grain berger is also a very good deer bullet.
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    berger vld hunting

    thanks for bailing me out just-jon!
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    berger vld hunting

    I screwed up big time. My info was for .308 WIn. Now I have kept other people from responding to this thread. Corey needs the data for 300wm as he stated, not the .308 win which I forwarded. Corey I apologize and hope you get your answers here soon. As an FYI you can call or email berger...
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    berger vld hunting

    Corey PM me your email address and I will email you the official berger reload data for that bullet.
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    Case neck lube

    I use lube when resizing and then tumble again to get it off before seating the bullets.
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    Ole 270 comes back to life!

    The .270 is a great caliber. Like the way you did yours up. My first real rifle was also a .270. Always liked their speed versus the .308's etc. With a little faster twist barrel like you had put on so you can shoot the heavy for caliber bullets, you got a great gun there. The targets prove...
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    Thanks for posting
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 Clean Out...

    whats the price shipped on the 2 boxes of 143 eldx to 63801 please? I will take those.

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