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    Reloading for a short barrel .308 WIN

    My 16” 1:7 twist likes 178 smk’s over 4064
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    What rifles have fancy wood stocks?

    Cooper standard grade is pretty nice, and there are upgrades available.
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    Cooper vs Fierce?

    My experience with Cooper is pretty positive.
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    Brass Cleaning....teach me the’s and can’s

    I use a medium size $100 heated ultrasonic tank with water and a pinch of citric acid. Removes all carbon and tarnish without etching the brass. After they’re clean, they get a hot water rinse, another rinse in isopropyl alcohol, then go right into the annealer. The alcohol rinse soaks up any...
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    Scope ring/base torque spec - Holy Cow!

    Sheesh! Most rings are 16-20 but cross bolts sound about right. I’m scared for your scope tube at that torque.
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    Bullet recommendation for 7mm-08 reduced loads

    I started out my kiddo on a 30-30ai with 125’s and trail boss, just barely supersonic. Once she was really comfortable and had the fundamentals down I switched to 125’s at slow 30-30 speeds. She now shoots full snort 150’s at 2675fps. She was intimidated with noise and recoil starting out...
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    Anybody put a BOSS on a custom barrel?

    Tuners are great on a rimfire benchrest rifle. That’s as far as I care to go with them but done right they work well.
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    Dowling built Kelbly Atlas TRG custom

    If anyone is interested please message me. I have 25+ high resolution photos available.
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    Dowling built Kelbly Atlas TRG custom

    I’d prefer an outright sale on this one.
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    Lehigh mono bullets, Any experience

    I use their extreme expansion line in my 300 blackout shooting subsonic velocity with excellent results on deer. I think most of their projectiles are backed up with lots of testing. One of their bullet testers is on their way to Africa right now.
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    .22 Bolt Gun Precision Trainer

    I believe EuroOptic carries those
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    Who would you have rebarrel your gun ?

    He’s four months out as of early January. Hell of a smith though.
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    7-08 loads, New Bergara Ridge

    My Kelbly Atlas 1:9 likes 140Berger hvld in Lapua brass over 40.6gr Varget. Averages in the .2’s. Also likes 162 Hornady match over RE-15. Killed a lot of deer with both bullets from 20-500 yards.
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    Choose ONE Remington M700 CLONE.....and WHY???

    I’d choose a second Kelbly Atlas because I’m familiar with it, I like the way it cycles, and has been very reliable for me in some brutal hunts. Support is outstanding and it is the basis of my most accurate rifle. I’m actually surprised to see it mentioned so many times in this thread, it...

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