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    Savage customer service

    Thanks that is encouraging. My experience with gun companies CS is limited thankfully. I had great service from STI and Ruger. I know from working at a big box store gun dealer for a short time that Taurus is the worst. My first Savage was a special order that took almost a year but after...
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    Savage customer service

    Anyone ever dealt with them? What was your experience? I am wondering while my rifle goes back to the factory to be fixed.
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    Satisfied Savage owners - speak out!

    Just bought my 3rd Savage and it was a lemon. My first an LRP .260rem is a tack driving, bug hole shooting, precision rifle. My second is a 93R17GV that is rediculously accurate so much so that my 7yr old step-son can hit empty shotgun shells at 100yds with ease. The most recent is a 10 Predator...
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    Anti gun bills in the house in MN. Please call your reps and tell them to vote no on these. If you can show up to the public hearings on the 5th and 7th of FEB. They are at the...
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    .260 load data with berger bullets?

    41.5gr H4350 in a 7mm-08 win case necked down and a 140gr VLD. The problem was the SMKs grouped better and were faster so I quit using the VLDs
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Savage LRP 260rem (MN)

    I have a Savage LRP in 260 rem that is a tackdriver. I really like this rifle but it is too heavy for hunting. I am selling to get another rifle. Rifle only $800 to your ffl The only trades I am interested in are Savage rifles in 243 or 260 or AR uppers in 243wssm or 6.5grendel
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS WTT Encore pistol 2 barrels (MN)

    I have a stainless Encore pistol with vent rib 45LC/410 barrel with choke. I also have custom 12in MGM .223 barrel 1/12 twist that has 7rds through it. I will sell the set with or without the TR-25. I am wanting another AR15 and will trade for the right one or a partial trade for a Savage long...
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    Great results with the LRP

    Ready to start stretching it out. I found two loads that are producing 5 shot groups under 1/3 inch. .260 Remington 7mm-08 brass necked down 44.5gr H4350 Federal primers 142gr SMKs 2910fps avg 41.5gr H4350 140gr VLDs 2790 fps avg
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    Calling on you 30-06 guys for loads

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    Calling on you 30-06 guys for loads

    My dad is wanting me to load for his 06 and being a 6.5mm guy I am just wanting some info on where to start. Specifically what is your favorite powder and bullet in the 168gr-180gr range. He mostly uses his Win model 70 for deer hunting but I will be bringing him along on some long range...
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    If you were closer I would say you could come and shoot through mine at the range.
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    Where are you located?
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    Anyone else extremely dissapointed with Win brass lately?

    I emailed Winchester a week ago. I called yesterday and left a message and was told I would get a response in 1 buisness day. If I do not hear from them tomorrow I will never buy another Winchester product. I buy cases of Winchester shotshells and I buy some Winchester brass. I guess they want...
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    VLD seating depth poll

    My Savage LRP in .260 hates the 140 VLDs at the lands. I found .020 works for me.