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    Real world drops and Shooter app vastly different. 6.5 Saum, 156 EOL Bergers, RL26

    This app, wrong or right, is thinking you bullet is moving faster or the air density is much thinner presenting less resistance. I’d do as others suggest and delete the profile and start over. You probably fat fingered something along the way.
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    New Alpha Munitions OCD 22 Creedmoor is bonkers

    So the pre production brass has a 6 Creedmoor head stamp?
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    Peterson Brass

    I bet if you play around your staring load it would take very little tweaking to make it shoot as good or better than your old load since they were the same speed.
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    Remington Making 700 Receivers Again?

    I’ve never seen them in stock since I first heard of them. I forgot who makes them for Mack Bros, IIRC they have them built to their specs by a big name.
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    Best binoculars under 1k

    They are large and would be best paired with a tripod for hours of glassing on end IMO. At 15 power and wide field of view I don’t think you would need a spotting scope in most cases.
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    Best binoculars under 1k

    What is the purpose/use of the binos? You said you wanted some power and the Cronus 15x56 have that and are **** good binos that can be found for well under a grand.
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    Hi from Oklahoma

    Tallgrass I’m just south of you near Altus.
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    Temp sensitivity out of accuracy node

    Mikecr Why do you need to use a dedicated bore guide? This sounds a lot like another product, HBN, that is used for the same purpose. It’s not the same thing, just used similarly.
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    Temp sensitivity out of accuracy node

    Mikecr Can you explain this? I’ve never heard of this.
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    Hi from Oklahoma

    Welcome from SW OK!
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    Any western state offer otc deer tags?

    Oklahoma does what also?
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    Recomandation : Bullet seating depth gauge

    Does the nut have holes that are closer in size to actual ogive dimensions? Say .236” for 6mm bullets?
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    New rifle load development

    That will help, I bet that bad boy is going to have some bite to it?