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    Bullet Puller?

    If you have a Forster Co-Ax forget about the grip n pull. I bought one without thinking about that. It now resides on my buddy’s loading bench.
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    What the H!

    This should be interesting. They will either want it all back to avoid a potential lawsuit or they will say it’s not possible you’re loading it wrong. I suspect it will be the former.
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    .308Win - RE16

    Just trying to present it in another way that people may understand. Not trying to take anything away from your comments.
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    .308Win - RE16

    With the bore to case capacity ratio of a 308 Winchester the burn rate isn’t optimal for H4350 or other powders like RL16 that are in the same burn rate class.
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    RL23 temp stability?

    Likely different brass. That said it could be their test barrel too. No two barrels are the same, that’s why most manuals state to start low or 10% less than max or something to that effect. If you only started .6 grains low I’d say you started too high.
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    Nice Boar

    I hear that most bear have Trichinosis so be sure to cook well. I seen it on MeatEater I think? The host and whole crew got it.
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    .308Win - RE16

    RL16 is very stable, but all temp insensitive powder has stable ranges. Develop the load in hot weather if you can. It can easily be in the upper 90s with a few 100° days in September in SW OK where I am. I have bow hunted in October in shorts and a T-shirt Sweating my butt off.
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    Deforming Nozler Accubond bullet tips

    I have ran into this with Lapua and Alpha brass. As a result I now anneal and size all new brass necks with the method I plan to use I.E. mandrel or expander ball. Lapua brass is bulk packed and I had one box that must have been kicked here from Finland. At least 40% of the mouths had dings or...
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    Barrel Cleaning help/advice

    I’m of the impression that there are two types of JB cleaner. Non embedding which uses very finely crushed walnut shell to clean out the fouling. I don’t see this harming a steel barrel. The other is JB bore bright and it has a very fine polishing compound in it. You can rub it between your...
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    6mm Creed

    I asked because on the heat index or joules chart 4831 actually burns hotter, more energy, than 4350 even though it’s a slower burning powder.
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    6mm Creed

    What speeds? How do you know you’ll have less throat erosion?
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    Best cleaners

    All these are great suggestions. When things are bad like that I’m impatient and grab the IOSSO bore paste or JB bore paste and load a patch up with it. Wrap it around an undersized IOSSO nylon brush and get stroking. This has not failed me yet. Of course this is after I have already tried with...
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    Peterson 280ai brass

    Anytime you switch brands of brass you need to make a new recipe for that brass.
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    Low es/sd load that won’t shoot?

    That sounds like the perfect excuse to buy a barrel tuner and see if you can tighten up that group. I’ve never heard of an ES of 1 for 10 shots. You have your brass prep and reloading figured out!
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    Terminus proving to be sweet!! New rifle 725 yard groups

    It is better in mine too. But at 1050 yards with a 10 mph 90° crosswind it is less than one click better, 3 inches. If you are good enough to read wind to less than 1 mph at that distance you are a certified stud. As I said, I have no issues with the 25 Creedmoor or the 131 Ace. I do think that...

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