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    50 caliber muzzleloader bullets

    250 gr t/c shock wave with 110 gr by volume blackhorn 209. That combination has worked good in the 3 encore's I've tried.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Leupold VX-3HD, 1.5-5

    Okay thanks
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    Anyone You Know?

    Ha ha, very funny !!
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    Thank you RCBS

    Same here, I called this spring for the little plastic part that holds the primer tray in place on my rcII and they sent me the complete tray and everything at no charge!
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    Can these knobs be installed on any vari x III or do they need to be fitted at Leupold?
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    Scope or Red Dot for turkey gun?

    I've been using a vortex venom red dot the last couple years and really like it. Its really light weight and doesn't make your shotgun top heavy like a scope does.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS die's. use in good condition

    I'll take seconds on the 308 dies if this falls through
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    Another scammer?

    That looks like a scam to me.
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    Harris 6-9 bipod

    Ok thanks, if muliemaster doesn't take it I'm interested.
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    Harris 6-9 bipod

    Is this a swivel model?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Set of 224 Valkyrie PTG Headspace gauges 'GO' and 'NO GO'

    Do these have the actual length marked on them?
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    RCBS .22-250 REM FL DIE SET AND 29 pieces of shot brass

    What brand brass do you have and is it once fired?
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    Aero AR 15 parts and barrel wrench

    I'll take the bcg