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    Anyone have a Seekins Havak? Need some info on loads

    I recently purchased a Havak PH2. I first tried some factory Hornady Precision Hunter 143 ELD-X and got groups of around an inch and I was quite frankly a little disappointed. I had a few ELD-X 143 bullets so I loaded a few starter test rounds with 50 grains of Reloder 23 and it put 3 shots...
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    Considering McMillan stock for Ruger Hawkeye African .375 Ruger

    Thanks for the help guys. The mcwoody looks nice. If I read their website correctly that is a molded stock. I'm up in the U.P. sitting on my bear stand as I type this but I will give McMillan a call next week when I get back home. I have no issues with the HS Precision stock either. I...
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    Considering McMillan stock for Ruger Hawkeye African .375 Ruger

    Good afternoon, I'm hoping you all can point me in the right direction on this. I have a Ruger Hawkeye African in .375 Ruger (older model - no brake) and I would like to replace the wood stock with a synthetic (looking at a moose hunt in the next couple years). I see that HS Precision makes a...
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    Large pistol primers available (CCI AND Federal) ONLY $300 per 1K! No Hazmat fee $169.95 for a box of 20. A little too high for me. Might be considered gouging. : )
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    Large pistol primers available (CCI AND Federal) ONLY $300 per 1K! No Hazmat fee

    I was at a gun shop in Grand Rapids last week and I kid you not, they had CCI .22 Minimag, 100 round packs on the shelf for $39.95 per pack. Crazy times for sure.
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    GemPro 250 drift

    I have noticed on mine that if I don't put the powder pan back on the scale soon after I dump it I will get drift. Once I dump the powder pan I put it back on the scale within a few seconds. My gempro stays consistent if I do that.
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    Cabelas Intrepid HD rifle scope by Vortex reviews?

    I looked at one the other day at Cabela's. It was really clear and bright and I liked the reticle. I would have bought it but Kenton doesn't make a turret for that model.
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    VX3i 4.5 - 14 x 40 CDS

    I went to Cabela's yesterday and looked at several scopes. They all seemed to have really clear glass but a couple were quite large and heavy. The VX5 HD was a really nice scope and the sight picture was pleasing to my eye. I just wish it had a little more magnification but it will work.
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    VX3i 4.5 - 14 x 40 CDS

    Hello all, I'm shopping for a scope to put on my new deer/antelope rifle. The VX3i can be had for around $500 which seems like a pretty good value. I like the CDS and I already have 2 of the older VX 3 4.5 -14 on other rifles. I have budgeted $800 for s new scope. Does anyone have any other...
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    Questions - 6.5 Creedmoor build

    I like the weight of my Weatherby Accumark 30-06 (my normal meat gun) and that runs about 7 & 3/4 pounds (without the scope). I would like to keep it in that area if I could.
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    Questions - 6.5 Creedmoor build

    I appreciate all the replies. Well I went ahead and met with the smith and we ordered a Kreiger #4 contour and we will decide on the final length later. Does this contour sound good? I need to decide on a stock next. I would love to have a McMillan but the budget will probably dictate a BC...
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    Questions - 6.5 Creedmoor build

    Thanks Tony. On a side note the barrel contour will depend on the manufacturer correct? I mean a #4 contour may vary between Shilen, Bartlien, etc. ??
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    Questions - 6.5 Creedmoor build

    Thanks guys I appreciate the help. Mike
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    Questions - 6.5 Creedmoor build

    Good afternoon, I am considering making a visit to the local gunsmith to discuss having him build me a 6.5 creedmoor off a Remington 700 BDL in 22-250 that I had picked up on my last trip out west. I have a couple of questions and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction...
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    Eberlestock Gunrunner - a Question

    Thanks for the offer Pyro. After reading the good comments about the J34 I went ahead and ordered one a couple of nights ago. The brown truck is supposed to be here on Wednesday. Thanks everyone for the help on this. Mike