Mike Matteson

I was born in S. Calif. Started shooting at age 5. Started hunting at age 10. Started reloading at age 14, (300 H & H Mag) and have been from then on. I did miss a couple of years after getting out of the army. Spent 1 yr in Vietnam as a combat medic. I hold Airborne Jump wings, Crewmember wings, and a combat medic badge. I ETS in Feb 1970 and joined the NRA in April or May. Then became life member in 1975. I increase my level in the NRA over the years. Put my two boys in the NRA as life memebers. In 2017 I am now a Patriot Life Member Benefactor Level.
Work constrution before and after the Army. I did spend time as a realestate salemen for about 6 years, until the market went dead. Went back onto the Union as a carpenter, and retired from there in 2008. I am married and with the same women too.
I am involved with 2 business, and holder of rental units.
Firearms I have several of them. I have one wildcat and starting another one. I am not a gunsmith either. Taught my boys how to reload, and presently just did a major upgrade in reloading equipment.
I am between two worlds. Montana, and (Mexico-North) aka Calif. So my reloading equipment is mostly in storage presently. I have drawn up a plan for a reloading shed. Going to place on of my sons property there in Montana. I had a nice place in my son garage, but his wife took it over.
I reload for rifles, pistols, and shotguns. I have learned a lot here at LRHg. Been to Africa twices. That's the only guide hunts, been taken in for a drop camp.
Hunted in AZ, Cal, Nev, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Colo. and Wy
I figure myself as a constitutionalism, not left nor right. I am dyslexia so my writting is generally mess up. Sorry about that, but that's life. Oh I was a hunter safty instructor in Mexico-North for a couple of years.
I have over the last year or so. I written down items I feel that attention needs to be paid too. It's about 35 page or so now.
My email address hasn't change in a great many years. I thinks that enough.
February 6
Real Name
M A Matteson