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    820 Yard cow elk pics

    [ QUOTE ] SHAME ON YOU! The worst thing hunters can do is seperate in views. We should stick together, not drive wedges between us. THAT IS WHAT ANTI-HUNTERS WANT US TO DO!! [/ QUOTE ] Great shot GG. That also was a very articulate defense of long range hunting. I've done some 1000 yard...
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    Leupold Varmint Hunter's reticle

    Leupold Varmint Hunter\'s reticle Is this a wire reticle or an etched reticle? I have the impression that an etched reticle is better (less likely to break). Is this true? Thanks, Mike
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    What scope power would you use?

    I'm putting together a lightweight "walking" varminter rifle. The base rifle will be a Tikka T3 Lite Stainless in .223 Rem. It has a fast (1-in-8) twist, so I am going to try shooting it out to 500 yds. with some of the heavy 80 gr. Sierra Match kings. I also plan to use it for hunting...
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    What scope power would you use?

    Shooting matches, I've always liked the idea of turret caps. Too much temptation for one of the other competitors to give your knobs a spin as they walk by your rifle between relays .
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    Remington VSSF factory stock quality

    Iron Worker, Another good choice IMO would be the CZ 527 Varmint Kevlar. The standard 527s are 1-in-12 twist, but the varmints are 1-in-9. The mini mauser actions are good, and it has a detachable mag. They are also fairly light for a heavy barrel varminter. [ 08-23-2004: Message edited by...
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    Remington VSSF factory stock quality

    Iron Worker, I think the Remington 700 Light Varmint looks really sharp, and I love the Remington 700 rifles (I own 3). I have heard tales over the last couple of years of quality problems with Remington, but my rifles do fine. My son has a 700 ADL Synthetic in .223 which is a good shooter...
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    cheap scope

    I don't personally own one, but I've heard some good reports on the Tasco World Class and Target/Varmint scopes (Natchez currently has them on sale). Varmint Al ( has some good things to say about them, and if you look at the buyer comments on the Midway...
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    Tikka T3 / Remm. 700VS

    I have a Tikka T-3 Lite Stainless in .223 Rem. on order. I've never owned a Tikka ... never even held one. I own 3 Remington 700s. I like the Remingtons but have heard a lot about quality problems in the past few years. I had a Remington 700 VSSF in .223 that I sold. When I got it, it made...
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    Tikka T3 / Remm. 700VS

    Sakofan, Where do you shoot? What part of NC are you from? I shoot at Catawba Valley Wildlife Club, and I live near Stanley, NC (Gastonia area). Mike