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    Bipod broke my stock!!! Ever seen this?

    Thats ridiculous dude. I hope thats not HS precision or B&C or SIX? Thats gotta be a mfg defect. I have numerous kevlar and fiberglass and composite stocks and use them hard and with bipods and never had anything remotely like that happen. They used to advertise that you could ride over them...
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    What cartridge?

    300 Win Mag or 7mm Rem mag. If you are reloading you can do anything. a WSM makes for a potentially lighter rifle.
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    What age do you think kids should start shooting?

    When your child shows RESPECT and listens to what you say. I was fortunate, my son was very well behaved. I did not want him to be curious and try to get to my stuff without me. I took the "mystery" out of it and he knew there was a time and place for everything. He knew how loud guns were...
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    Looking for some input and ideas for daughters first rifle.

    One rifle, to do everything? Varmints. targets, deer and even black bear. How is this even a discussion? .243 baby. No brainer
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    Experience with Stocky's composite stocks

    BTW. I put a Timney Calvin Elite Trigger in this set-up and set at 1# it is amazing. The best timney yet. Also, the PTG action... the fluted bolt was terrible and I asked them to replace it with a sold bolt. Save your money and buy a defiant action. OR, truth be told... I was at the shot...
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    Experience with Stocky's composite stocks

    I have a Stockys Long Range Composite. It is like a mix of a Manners and Mcmillan in design on a .243 with a PTG action and Shilen Rem Sendero 26" bbl . The forearm is very cool with the barrel insert. I planned to shoot it from a bench or bipod. It is a good pound heavier than a fiberglass or...
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    Full length barrel bedding

    I just looked at Barrett's website,, they guarantee a sub 1" group with premium ammo... Pfffff. almost any modern 5 or $600 factory rifle can do that unless you got a real dog. I agree with JE custom. You can see dramatic changes in repeatability just in forearm pressure point placement...
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    New Guy question

    I shoot a 300 win mag remington Long Range sendero weight barrel and I can spot my shots with a Brake. A 308 is nothing (sorry 308 guys). I switch back n forth experimenting with the JP eliminator and JP 3 port comp and also UM tactical Rage brake which is awesome and adjustable. You have to...
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    What dies should I buy?

    I've done Partial resizing my whole reloading career, BUT I know that partial sizing leaves a slight taper in the neck because you are not putting the expanded neck all the way up into the die so it is not being fully re-formed, but even that may be difficult to measure and may only be realized...
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    How important is primer pocket/flash hole prep?

    You only have to do it once, why not hedge your bets? Cleaning the pockets is a PITA! :)
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    Scope that won't break on 300 win mag

    Oh, and use Burris ***- align regular or tactical rings. They are the best in my opinion, been using them for over 20 years. Ive switched all my guns over except where scopes were mounted and marked already. I have only 2 rings (1") holding a burris 1-4 pistol scope on a 45/70 TC Contender...
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    Scope that won't break on 300 win mag

    Burris Veracity should work. A Muzzle break would help! JP 3 port comp or UM Tactical adjustable brake.
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    22-250 for deer?

    Hey man, to each his own.
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    22-250 for deer?

    If you guys are reading this forum, you have more than 1 gun. Why don';t you use a suitable caliber for deer? If you want to experiment why not try shooting Prairie dogs with a 308 or 45/70. A 22/250 will kill a deer but why? You know it's not the best thing to do!

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