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    Win a Greybull Precision rifle stock - LRH Give Away

    Sounds like a good stock to put on my 300 Rem Ultra
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    Win a Berger Bullets Bundle worth over $300 - LRH Give Away

    It would give me a good chance to test Berger bullets in my 300 Rem Ultra
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    Seating and Depth and IMR 4350 really that sensative?

    You might try cleaning the barrel and checking all or the screws. I use IMR 4350 in loads for several of my rifles and get less than 1" groups for all of them. try going up or down on your load for my 300 WSM I am using 60 gr IMR 4350 / 180 Nosler BT FED 215 / 5 shot group 1 1/4" groups at...
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    Mexico Hunter

    I live in Houston Texas, I shot Silhouette for many years in local, State and National matches.I use the experience of adjusting my scopes for long range silhouette shooting to adjust my hunting scopes when I have to take a shot at long range when hunting. My longest kill was on a bull elk at...